New Detective Comics Writer Is American Vampire's Scott Snyder

DC’s Source blog is saying that starting in November Scott Snyder will be the new ongoing writer for Detective Comics. Given that Batwoman is moving into her own ongoing title, and Greg Rucka is seemingly leaving DC, a new creative team was much in need.

Scott Snyder writes the Vertigo hit, and critical darling, American Vampire and DC is giving him the go-ahead with one of their longest running franchises. Snyder confesses that he’s a long time Batman fan, and that this is his dream job. He also confirms that he’ll be writing the back-ups as well which will feature┬áCommissioner┬áJames Gordon.

“As for the series, I want to play things pretty close to the vest for now, but I can tell you that it’ll star Batman, and will focus heavily on his CSI work and hardcore mysteries set around Gotham. The back-up will center on Commissioner Gordon and involve a certain case – and a dark figure – from his past that comes back to haunt him in present day Gotham. The feature and back-up will be stand-alone, but will affect and inform each other.”

This sounds pretty fun, actually. CSI Batman? I’ll check it out. If done right it could be the original spin needed to differentiate Detective Comics from the other Bat-titles.

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