10 Thoughts Review on Adventure Comics #516 by Paul Levitz and Kevin Sharpe

1. This issue is the Will of RJ Brande where his hologram tells five members of the Legion the truth of his and their past. The five members are Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, and his son, Chameleon Boy.

2. This is naught but a huge infodump and intro to the Legion that probably should have come out before all the Legion stories in circulation currently.

3. The art is fantastic. It has an old-timey feel without being dated, while being a touch cartoony, but not looking fake. This is really top notch stuff.

4. Brainiac 5 is a bit of a jerk here, finally showing more personality than just that smart guy. His shock that Brande actually likes him is played off well.

5. The original three Legionairres, Cos, Lightning and Saturn, don’t get afforded the same characterization and are generally smiling good guys. Superboy’s characterization consists of going “oh gosh” a lot. These are annoying but the one that’s unforgivable is…

6. Chameleon boy barely speaks. This is his long lost father talking from beyond the grave and he gets no actual reaction outside of the stellar art.

7. The Atom backup is severely flawed. It’s got little space to work with and so is absolutely atrociously full of text. Ray Palmer comes off, as usual, as boring as can be, and I really wish this wasn’t here making this comic more expensive. I like Jeff Lemire, but this isn’t good.

8. The Calculator is back already after being taken off the board in the last issue of Batgirl. That’s freaking absurd and makes the whole victory over him hollow, as well as the fact that he knows who Oracle is and has done nothing about it.

9. I’m a big Legion fan, but this stuff is seriously weak and, with the Atom backup doing nothing for me, is in danger of being dropped.

10. Rating: 3/10 – I guess the infodump was needed, if not at this juncture, and the art is truly great, but this is entirely lacking in anything to make me care about what happens to these characters.

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