10 Thoughts Review on Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #2 by Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert

1. Jason Aaron has Spider-Man and Wolverine on a post-apocalyptic world where the little people, who Wolverine taught to survive in the past, rule everything, but are about to be doomed by the same thing that killed humanity.

2. In this new world, Spider-Man teaches history to little people while trying to avert the disaster that’s coming. The disaster is about as awesome as all get out- It’s Doom the Living Planet. He transferred himself to Ego before he died and killed everyone.

3. And how does Spider-Man try and stop this? He finds a gun… that shoots one bullet…. that’s made of the Phoenix Force! Jason Aaron, I you are the man.

4. Logan, of course, an anti-social messiah who actually seems like a loner for once, knocks Spidey out and decides to save the world with “Jeannie.” Too cool.

5. This is essentially a Spider-Man comic guest starring Wolverine. Spider-Man gets the point of view and the majority of the action, we only get Logan in glimpses.

6. Spider-Man’s costume being from a world’s lamest heroes display is silly, but made to work by the fact that it says Lame on his ass the entire issue.

7. Adam Kubert is amazing. You all knew that. Carry on.

8. The Orb turning up, pissed about the time drama, to try and whack Spidey is awesomely out-of-nowhere, and pulled off because Spider-Man is so utterly cool with this occurrence. It’s the only thing in the issue he’s truly comfortable with.

9. Robo-Devil Dinosaurs are great. Doom the Living Planet is great. Lame Spider-Man Costume is great. Wolverine: Robot Hunter is great. Phoenix Gun is Super Great. What do we think the rating will be?

10. Rating: 7/10 – This comic is great fun, only held back by the bi-monthly schedule and a lack of Wolverine.

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