DC Announces Bruce Wayne's Return Home One Shots To Effect The Batman Titles

DC’s Source blog had a feature up a few days ago about a series of eight one shots under the moniker “Bruce Wayne: The Road Home”. Now, while we already know that Bruce is on the fast road to returning to the present, it does make one wonder what will happen. I mean, look at the changes in his absence.

  • Dick Grayson, the original Robin, Nightwing, is Batman.
  • Bruce’s son Damian is the new Robin.
  • Tim Drake, now going by Tim Wayne, is running his company and moonlighting as Red Robin.
  • Cassandra Cain gave up the Batgirl mantle and has not been seen since.
  • Stephanie Brown, The Spoiler, is the new Batgirl, operating out of the Bat Cave with Oracle, Barbra Gordon.
  • Kate Spencer, Manhunter, is the new District Attorney in Gotham City.
  • The Birds of Prey have once again taken up roost in Gotham C ity.
  • Jim Gordon knows full well that the current Batman is not the classic, though he doesn’t seem to mind since he does still know Nightwing.
  • Batwoman has become prominent enough to warrant a solo series.

In other words, a lot of shit has changed in a small amount of time, and Bruce is going to be coming back to a whole new Gotham City. These eight one shots promise to illuminate the changes in Gotham, though it isn’t said how. And while we don’t have a full list of titles or creators, we do have names such as Adam Beechan, Fabian Nicieza, Mike Barr, Pere Perez, Ramon Bachs, Mark Andreyko, Cliff Richards, and Bryan Q. Miller. Oh, and cover artist Shane Davis to make everything all nice and connectible.

While nothing much else is known, editor Mike Marts had the following to say.

“Bruce Wayne’s journey back home has been a long and dangerous road, but before he can assume the mantle of the Bat again, he must first figure out how things have changed in the world around him, how relationships have changed…and how those changes will effect his decisions moving forward as the protector of Gotham City.”

Expect these to hit the shelves in October.

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