Ed Brubaker To Write The Trial Of Captain America In October

While Steve Rogers may have spent a few decades frozen in ice before being thawed out to do some good old fashioned Avenging, his partner James “Bucky” Barnes had a much different experience. Found by the Russians he became the ultimate cold war assassin, one who was put back into suspended animation when not active. So for decades Bucky was a killer, he was the Winter Soldier, and this has been a pretty big secret to the public at large.

Apparently Baron Zemo’s plans involve changing that though, in outing the new Captain America as the Winter Soldier that he was before. And now, in possession of film footage of Bucky’s past, it appears that Zemo’s end game is to unleash this information to the public. How would America react to that? To the man wearing their flag formerly being a Soviet assassin? Given the brainwashing and mind games used on Buck, would any of it hold up? He was a man with no control over his own actions, and anytime he came close to regaining it he was put back on ice until they could recondition his mind and put him back in the field.

So the question becomes what will happen because of this? Will Buck hold his head high and come out on top? Or will Zemo and paranoia be his downfall? What is the price for the sins of Bucky’s past?

I guess we’ll find out in October!

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