10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 07.16.2010 featuring Christian, custom made ladders and more

1. How refreshing it was to see Smackdown open up with a match for once rather then the usual 15 minutes of non-stop talking. The Kofi Kingston/’Dashing’ Cody Rhodes match was surprisingly good and it had a lot of great back and forth action – it was probably the best match of the night. Even though there wasn’t clear winner both superstars looked strong. Yes, Kane destroyed both of them at the end but hey, they’ve both been through a hell of a lot this week (NXT, bulldogs of top rope, daring suplexes and the rest of the actual match itself) while the big red monster was as fresh as a daisy.

2. I feel like I have seen the Edge money in the bank promo a million times this week. Edge isn’t even on Smackdown! SD should focus on their superstars rather than giving away five minutes of their TV time to advertise RAW’s wrestlers.

3. Drew was involved in yet another great match this week – he really has came on leaps and bounds – saying that though, Christian has never had a bad match and can make anybody look good. However, the push off top rope from Drew to Christian was sick!

4. With the all singles matches concerning the Money in the Bank competitors, Smackdown have put a lot more hype into their PPV match rather than the endless tag matches we have seen on RAW.

5. Even though the Dos Caras Jr Alberto Del Rio vignettes are starting to get a bit stale its nice to see WWE hyping up a wrestlers debut rather then brining them in at random. However, they are awfully 90’s but at least they are better then Duke ‘the dumpster’ Droese’s (1.17) though.

6. It was nice to see Big Show do whatever he wants and interrupt the SES because who would exactly stop him, he’s a giant! But he needs to start taking note of his fellow wrestlers finishers; Evan Bourne doesn’t do a 450 Splash – It would be pretty awesome if he did though.

7. Big Show getting his own custom made ladder is genius! – Let’s hope he uses it at the Money in the Bank PPV this Sunday.

8. I didn’t particularly enjoy CM Punk getting unmasked as they could’ve ran with it for a few more months but I LOVED how happy Big Show was when he ripped Punk’s mask off and how terrified for his life the SES leader was.

9. Chris Masters deserves to be treated lot better than how he currently treat is on WWE television (i.e: no time at all) The Masterpiece was basically Kelly Kelly’s valet in the mixed tag match.

10. When Swagger was talking to his ‘Daddy’ on the phone I instantly thought “Oh no, it’s going to be Momma Benjamin all over again” but thankfully it wasn’t and it turned out to be pretty good in the end.

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