Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Money in the Bank 2010 Report (Rey Mysterio, Kane, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, John Cena, The Nexus)

Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Money in the Bank Report
Live from Kansas City
Announcers: Matt Striker, Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

Matt Hardy vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Big Show vs. Drew McIntyre – Money in the Bank Ladder Match
The 6 smaller guys attack Kane & Show to start. Cody grabs a ladder, and tries to sneak up, but Kane & Show fend the others off and toss Cody to the floor. Show then tosses Kane to the floor, and tries to go up the ladder, however the rung broke away. It looks like he is going to get his specialized ladder, but he gets beat down by pretty much everyone else. Hardy & Christian take control of the match in the ring. Christian hip tosses Dolph off the top of the ladder. Kane comes in, but Christian & Hardy sandwich him with ladders. They then run into each other, and Christian’s ladder gets propped on the ring ropes. Hardy charges at Christian, but flapjacks Hardy on the ladder. On the outside, Kane is taking everyone out near the announce tables. Kane takes the monitors out on the announce table, but Drew comes over and takes out Kane. Kofi over, and he lays Drew out on the table, then climbs up a nearby ladder and hits a BOOM Drop off the ladder. Big Show finally gets his specialized ladder, and he takes about 5 minutes to get it in the ring. Cody comes in with a mini ladder and takes out Show’s ankle. Dolph, Kofi, & Cody all take turns trying to take out Show, but he clears the ring. Show gets back to the ring and starts climbing his ladder. Kane comes in and shoves the ladder! Show tumbles all the way to the floor, and all the rest of the competitors pile all the ladders on Show! Kane then takes over the match, and tosses Dolph from the ring on the pile of ladders on Show. He fights with Cody up the ramp, and tosses him into an armored car that is part of the stage set. He then choke slams Kofi on a ladder on the floor. Back in the ring Christian & Hardy climb the ladder, and they are at the case, and they are fighting over it. After some back and forth, both fall off. Drew is finally back in, and he climbs the ladder, and seems like he has a clear shot at the case, but Kane comes in, Choke Slams Drew off the ladder, and grabs the case!
Winner – Kane

Matthews with Sheamus. Sheamus says that he sees no souls in the eyes of the Nexus. He says that he helped Cena fend off the Nexus so that he can beat Cena once & for all.

Alicia Fox (c) vs. Eve Torres – WWE Diva’s Championship
Alicia tries a somersault senton off the 2nd rope but Alicia gets her knees up. Alicia then hits an Axe Kick for the pin.
Winner & Still Champ – Alicia Fox

They recap Jack Swagger’s Dad getting Tombstoned by Kane. They cut to Swagger’s locker room, and he is talking to his mom, and says that his dad tried to get in his limelight, and he got what he deserved. He then tells Mom that he will shatter Mysterio’s ankle tonight.

The Hart Dynasty (c) (w/ Natalya) vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso (w/ Tamina) – WWE Unified Tag Team Championship
Back and forth for the first part of the match. Kidd rolls up Jey, but Jimmy gets a blind tag. They then hits the Uso-op (get it, like Alley-Op), where Jey tosses Kid on Jimmy, and he lays out with a Samoan Drop. DH gets the hot tag, and he cleans house. Tamina gets on the apron to distract DH, but Natalya takes her out. DH then locks Jey in the Sharpshooter while Kidd springboards over the top rope on Jimmy to prevent the save. Jey then taps out. (Disclaimer: I have no idea which one is Jey or Jimmy, I was just guessing).
Winners & Still Champs – The Hart Dynasty

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Jack Swagger – World Heavyweight Championship
Swagger keeps trying to tie up, but Rey uses his speed to keep out of his reach. Swagger finally catches him and puts Mysterio in the Tree of Woe. Swagger charges, but Mysterio gets his head up, and Swagger goes head first into the turnbuckle, and rolls to the floor. Mysterio then leaps off the turnbuckle to the floor with a Senton. Swagger fights back, hits the Doctor Bomb, but Mysterio was too close to the ropes for a pin. Swagger then continues to beat him down, hits 2 Vader Bomb’s. Mysterio fights back, hits the 619, then goes for a West Coast Pop, but Swagger holds on, and turns it into the Ankle Lock. Mysterio finally gets to the ropes to break the hold. Mysterio loosens his boot to alleviate some of the pain it appears, but Swagger is right back on with the Ankle Lock, only to slip off due to the loose boot, falls into the ropes, and Mysterio hits a standing West Coast Pop for the pin.
Winner & Still Champ – Rey Mysterio

Swagger then beats down Mysterio, and locks the Ankle Lock in again, but Kane comes out and chases Swagger to the back. Mysterio is hobbling around in the ring, and then Kane’s pyro hits! Kane is out to Cash In!

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Kane – World Heavyweight Championship
Kane grabs Myserio’s ankle, and slams it to the mat. He then follows it up with a Tombstone for the pin.
Winner & NEW Champ – Kane

Jericho & Edge bicker backstage about who will win their ladder match and who will cash in after the cage match tonight.

Recap of LayCool & Kelly

Layla (c) (w/ Michelle McCool) vs. Kelly Kelly (w/ Tiffany) – WWE Woman’s Championship
KK starts strong, and tosses Layla to the floor. As KK is on the apron, Layla pulls the ringskirt, and KK falls into it. Layla then takes over, and very aggressively tosses KK into the wall. McCool sits up on the wall above where KK is on the floor. KK is up, and flips McCool over the wall, and slides in the ring. She then hits the K2 (Rocker Droper), but only gets 2 when McCool gets Layla’s foot on the ropes. KK goes off the middle turnbuckle for a Sunset Flip, but Layla sits down on it and scores the pin.
Winner & Still Champ – Layla

They recap the SD MitB Match, then Kane winning the World Title.

Randy Orton vs. The Miz vs. Mark Henry vs. Ted Dibiase vs. John Morrison vs. Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne vs. Edge – Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Huge brawl to start the match, and the ring clears out pretty quick. Edge slides out of the ring and gets the ladder. Edge climbs the ladder, but Orton is there to take him down and toss him to the floor. Dibiase & Morrison in the ring, and Morrison kicks the ladder in Dibiase’s face. Orton back in, Dibiase rams him with the ladder, but then Bourne comes in with a dropkick on Dibiase. Miz & Jericho then clear the ring, but Henry tosses a ladder at both. Miz and Henry fall to the floor. Bourne in and climbs the ladder, Orton comes in and pulls Bourne through the rungs, and hits the Viper DDT. Morrison then runs in with a huge kick to Orton’s head. Miz is in, charges Morrison, but he gets flapjacked on a ladder. Morrison climbs the ladder, but Edge is in and goes up the other side. Jericho sets up another ladder and he & Orton climb that one. Henry is in, and he is between the ladders, shoving both to the sides, with all 4 men falling. Bourne springboards with the double knees to Henry. Maryse is checking in Dibiase, and she gets in the ring! She climbs the ladder, but Morrison gets her down. While he is distracted, Dibiase sneaks up the ladder, only for Morrison to catch him and pull him down too. Edge is in, and he gets a ladder to the gut from Dibiase. The action then spills to the floor. Henry seems to be fighting off many of the others, but Morrison hits a savant kick, followed by a Codebreaker from Jericho, then a Spear from Edge, and Henry is out. In the ring, Orton hits Morrison with the RKO, but as Orton hits the mat, Bourne hits him with the SSP! Bourne climbs the ladder, but Jericho follows, and smashes Bourne with the briefcase, sending him falling. Orton is back, and he hits Jericho with the RKO off the ladder! Orton climbs up, and Miz comes from no where, shoves the ladder off, sending Orton to the floor, then climbing the ladder for the win!
Winner – The Miz

Miz then cuts a promo declaring that we are all living in his moment, and that he will become a WWE Champion.

Recap of Sheamus/Cena feud.

Sheamus (c) vs. John Cena – Steel Cage Match – WWE Championship
The match is announced as ‘Pinfall, Submission or Escape.’ Sheamus is very aggressive to start, pummeling Cena down, and he slams Cena head first into the middle of the cage. Plenty of ‘Cena Sucks’ chants. Sheamus then grinds Cena’s face in the cage. Cena with a quick snap suplex, then some quick punches, and a shoulderblock. Cena goes for a 2nd shoulderblock, but Sheamus ducks, and Cena goes right into the cage. Sheamus with a Reverse DDT Neckbreaker for 2. Sheamus then tries to climb out, but Cena blocks it. They are both on the top rope, and Cena is able to SUPERPLEX Sheamus to the mat for 2. Cena then goes for the FU, but Sheamus elbows out, and hits a big time DDT for 2. Sheamus hits a Polish (Irish?) Hammer for 2. Sheamus then locks on a Sleeper. Striker wonders is he and Ziggler are friends. Cena fades fast. After a few moments, Cena then sits up, and stands up with Sheamus on his back! Cena then climbs up the turnbuckle with Sheamus still on his back. Sheamus slides off, and pulls Cena back down. Sheamus then ties Cena up in the ring ropes, and Sheamus tries to climb out, but Cena fights out of the ropes, and climbs up after Sheamus, and bulldogs him off the top rope! Cena then goes for another FU, but Sheamus reverses it and hits the Irish Curse (Rock Bottom into the backbreaker). Both men are slow to get up. Sheamus with the Pump Kick for 2. Sheamus looks to climb the cage, but he gets down, and Striker declares that he wants Cena’s respect, and he wants to beat Cena in the ring. Sheamus stalks Cena, but Cena pops up and hits a FU, but only gets a 2 count! The Nexus makes their way down to the ring. Tarver is carrying bolt cutters. As they get to the door, one of the outside refs snatch the bolt cutters and run away. They then bully the other ref for the keys. The ref goes to give them up, but then tosses them to the crowd. In the ring, Cena puts Sheamus up for another FU, but Sheamus slides out, and shoves Cena into the ref. Cena then swings back, and drops Sheamus, locking him in the STF. Sheamus taps, but the ref is still out. Cena goes to climb the cage, but Gabriel climbs up there and holds him off. Cena tosses Gabriel in the ring. Then Young and Tarver climb the cage and prevents Cena from falling to the floor. Sheamus then climbs out the other way, and wins the match.
Winner & Still Champ – Sheamus

Cena then lays out Young & Tarver on the mat as the PPV goes out.

Show Over.


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