REVIEW: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #12 By Brian Michael Bendis And David Lafuente

Hey? Who remembers the last time someone ran around and pretended to be Ultimate Peter Parker?


The issue begins where the last ended, with the Chameleon having imprisoned Peter in a trunk and was heading off with Mary Jane in his guise. He doesn’t waste any time putting the moves on MJ, and those of who’ve been following the book know why that’s such a big deal – Peter’s been going out (and living with!) the resurrected Ultimate Gwen Stacey. Not for nothing, Chameleon only kisses her because it’s obvious she’s in love with Peter and he had no clue that she wasn’t his girlfriend.

Once he heads into the Parker home (after killing a cabbie) he further sows seeds of dissent through Petey’s loved ones by telling Gwen that MJ tried to kiss him (all the while wondering whether she was his sister or cousin. Chameleon: keeping it classy.) He continues his whirlwind through Peter’s life by verbally assaulting Flash (I can’t even remember the last time Ult. Pete got bullied by this guy) and then imploding the nuclear bomb of all drama on Spidey:

Yup. That’s exactly who you think it is – Johnny, Bobby and Gwen.

“Peter” rushes after Gwen, who’s already gone home and begun to pack her bags. Aunt May starts yelling at him and once she uses the word “costumes” Chameleon rushes up into Peter’s bedroom and finds his Spider-gear.

Not a particularly compelling issue by all accounts. It made me miss Spider-man loves Mary Jane (my ultimate guilty pleasure comic) but it didn’t really do much else for me. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from Bendis and Ultimate Spidey by now. Hopefully the next issue ramps it with action or at least something other than high school drama to spice things up.

Rating:5/10 Just your average comic. Lafuente is almost starting to grow on me too, I just can’t get over how he draws his Peter Parker. Love his Mary Jane however.

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