10 Thoughts Review on Invincible Iron Man #28 by Matt Fraction and Salvadore Larroca

1. Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca take Iron Man and War Machine to China to get shown up by Detroit Steel and the Hammer girls as we continue the Resilient arc.

2. Resilient is the new Stark Industries, this built around outside-the-box thinkers turning repulsor technology to the car of the future. No one believes Stark can do this, so he hasn’t encountered much opposition, yet.

3. Stark getting played by Hammer in Japan is great. He’s not up to speed yet after his mind reboot, but he takes it in stride, knowing he’s smarter than what he’s up against and looking for an edge.

4. James Rhodes doesn’t need to be here for this issue. He’s given no development and nothing important to do.

5. Maria Hill and Tony Stark’s antagonistic relationship has always been great, but it’s even better now that he doesn’t remember them having sex.

6. I can’t wait for next month’s return of Pepper Potts in her Rescue armor.

7. The back story for Stark’s tech team is nice, and a supporting cast is needed, but these kind of feel like filler. Bet one of them betrays him and at least one dies.

8. Artistically, this is fully competent and really attractive, with good facial expressions, but this has been one hell of a talky arc.

9. A guest thought from http://comicsnexus.insidepulse.com/author/grahamscherl/ target=new>Grey Scherl: If Tony’s memories are gone dating back to around or before Civil War, then how does he recognize anyone as “From the Stane incident”, because that was pretty clearly post Civil War because he knew Hammer’s daughter from the opening arc of the book, but he shouldn’t remember that.

10. Rating: 6/10 – Don’t let the low rating fool you. This is a middle part of an arc, and while it’s not perfect, it will surely read better as a part of the whole. Still, it’s about time for Iron Man to do something, no?

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