The Next Food Network Star – Episode 6-6 Review

The leader board was shaken up again this week when contestants had to reinvent old classics to be served at Frank Sinatra’s estate.

For the camera challenge, contestants had to make a quick hors d’oeuvres for the type of party they were assigned, and also give a party-hosting tip in their presentation. The winner would be able to air their party tips on the Cooking Channel. For most, the challenge didn’t go well, whether it was because of a culinary slip, or because they couldn’t match their dish to their hypothetical party guests. Brianna specifically made a dish no 5-year-old kid would eat at a birthday party. Brad and Tom ended up winning the challenge with their excellent presentations and connection to their hypothetical guests. Bard in particular shined for the first time with a presentation that actually managed to get the judges laughing.

Brad shined again in the star challenge, when the contestants had to present their reinvented dishes to a panel while channeling the vibe of their surroundings. Brad’s cool attitude and excellent dish helped keep him from going home. This wasn’t as disastrous as the camera challenge, but Brianna still managed to bomb her presentation again, Serena’s dessert didn’t impress, and Herb’s dish made the judges rethink his “healthy cooking” POV.

The Best

Tom Pizzica: His not-always-successful food holds him back a little, but this guy is hilarious and to me is the least annoying of the bunch. If his culinary skills improve, he actually could win this thing. I hope he does because right now, his is the only show I would really end up watching.

Aarti Sequeira: She’s been stumbling a little the past couple weeks, but let’s be honest here – there’s no way she can screw up enough to be sent home before the finale. The judges just like her personality and Indian POV way too much.

The Worst

Serena Palumbo: I think it’s her turn to go next week. Her culinary skills have been slacking, and while her stories about Italy have saved her so far, she just can’t make her presentations look effortless or relaxed.

Herb Mesa: At first a real contender, his hit-or-miss cooking and his forced energy have been his downfall. If he doesn’t straighten out his POV soon, he’ll be sure to follow Serena…or maybe go before her if he screws up next week.

The Rest

Brad Sorenson: I don’t know what to think about this guy. I hesitate to put him in “the best” group because of one good week. Although it was a really good week. If he keeps this up, and Aria doesn’t improve, he could actually make it to the end, or at least third place. He just needs to keep bringing out that smooth, cool personality I never knew he had.

Aria Kagan: Another one who could either make it to the end, or go right after Serena and Herb. She needs to make herself more interesting, and step up her game in the kitchen.

Who Went Home:

Brianna Jenkins: Excuse me while I get a little immature here…YES!! SHE’S GONE!! *coughs* But seriously, this too-cool diva has been getting on my nerves since day one. I reluctantly respected her as a chef, but on The Next Food Network Star, excellent food is only part of a contestant’s success. She’s shown very little improvement and definitely deserved to go home this week.


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