10 Thoughts on WWE NXT – 07.20.2010 feat. Percy Watson, Husky Harris, Eli Cottonwood

It’s great to be back after missing last week because of a teaching engagement. Let’s see what happens on NXT tonight.

1. Just as I feared they are bringing back the obstacle course tonight. I wish if they wanted to do this that they could do an American Gladiators setup. Imagine each rookie trying to play assault as their pro attempted to take them out with a gun that blasted tennis balls.

2. The opening segment really fell flat. The MVP-Percy Watson interaction didn’t have any chemistry and Husky Harris bumbled through his promo lines. I did like MVP’s fat comment, even if it was generic.

3. The best part of these video packages is when the pros rip on the rookies. I can’t help but agree with the Miz and Zack Ryder that Lucky Cannon is pretty forgettable. Speaking of which, of all of the pros on this season’s edition my money is on Ryder to get a pink slip within the next year and become this season’s Carlito.

4. I couldn’t help but think about a “Silverdust” vs. Goldust feud because of Cody Rhodes silver ring boots.

5. The first rookie to bust out a high spot using the hurdles at ringside should get immunity for next week’s show. I’m surprised they kept them those things out there because it seems pretty hazardous if you wanted to toss anyone out on that side of the ring.

6. They had a poor camera angle for Husky Harris’s finisher. The camera needs to be pointed at him from the front as he delivers the move so it looks more devastating.

7. Having Alex Riley and Lucky Cannon give their reasons for why they need to be #1 next week right before their match in the ring puts a new spin on the “pre-match promo” concept.

8. I wonder if the Miz has to pay for all the briefcases he is destroying by using the Skull-Crushing Finale on WWE superstars. I love that move, although I wouldn’t want to take it.

9. Instead of pushups on the obstacle course they should’ve had the rookies chug cold soda. They weren’t really monitoring the pushups carefully until Cottonwood came through. I did enjoy Cottonwood’s refusal to redo any part of the contest, though.

10. Based on his quick defeat and the way the pros talked about him in this week’s video package I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lucky Cannon eliminated next week. However, Eli Cottonwood is so awkward on the mic that he might go next week.

That’s it for this week’s show. Check back in a few days for my “What the World Was Watching” column which will break down the November 6, 1995 edition of Monday Night Raw.

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