10 Thoughts Review On X-Men: Second Coming Revelations: Hellbound #3 By Christopher Yost

  1. This was probably the weakest of the issues of this mini-series, which is a shame since it’s the conclusion, but at the same time this mini could easily have been a four parter. It’s not a knock on the quality of the writing, it just feels like it was pushed into too short of a time frame.
  2. As much as I miss Limbo stories from my youth, after this mini-series I could go another couple of years without seeing it again. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t have preferred a four issue mini, or that it left a bad taste in my mouth, it’s just that every time I see Limbo I get the same feeling. Shit is crazy, people go nuts, and anything and everything bad can happen, and it can all be forgotten two issues later. It’t a fun story device, but it has limited lasting appeal.
  3. I really like Death Gambit, and would love to see the dual nature of Remy’s identity explored more then it has been lately. I mean, sure, Mike Carey has been the sole writer handling up until now over in X-Men Legacy, but I’m intrigued. I still want to know how he got his darker half under control, and what happened to Sunfire for that matter. Sure, I doubt many read The Blood of Apocalypse where Gambit, Polaris, and Sunfire became Horsemen, but I did, and I still want to know more about these things.
  4. I like that Northstar and Dazzler are both getting page time, but next time can they not be minions? Or mind controlled?
  5. Nope, still don’t care about Pixie.
  6. Magik needs to stab more people with her Soulsword, they could promote New Mutants around it. “In this issue Illyana stabs someone!”
  7. I like the art, though I think it could stand to be darker. Limbo doesn’t strike me as bright and colorful, you know? I think scary demons, I think dark and gritty, and the guy got the scary demons down, hell, he got the massive amounts of stuff going on per panel during the fights. It’s just too bright.
  8. Death vs Cannonball was awesome and went exactly the way it should have. The only flaw was in how short it was. Easily the coolest part of the issue.
  9. Who’s willing to wager this mini doesn’t get referenced again outside of New Mutants?
  10. Rating: 6/10 It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t important. It was a tie-in mini that had some cool potential and some cool moments, but at no point did you ever feel like anything bad could truly happen. The most expendable character in the book was Anole, and with no drama there was no point in even considering doing him in. Not that you need to kill people to get a mini over. The Death Gambit stuff was the highlight of the issue, without a doubt, and that’s personal bias. But hey, you have to give them props for at least following up on Illyana’s being taken out during Second Coming.

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