What Comics I'm Buying this Wednesday, 7/21/10

Here’s what I’m picking up:

Legion of Superheroes #3 – New books usually get 2 issues to hook me for a full arc. Legion hasn’t done that, but I’m a big enough Legion fan to give it a bit more time…

Time Masters Vanishing Point #1 – Jurgens’ Booster was one of my favorites and this should keep the tone.

GI Joe Real American Hero #156 – Larry Hama picks up his classic run. I couldn’t be more intrigued. He’d better not Claremont it.

Atlas #3 – Buying one of my favorite books until the bitter end.

Avengers #3 – Was ready to drop this before a fun fight with Apocalypse and Horsemen was promised at the end of last issue. Good hook, now make it stick.

Heroic Age Prince of Power #3 of 4 – My pick for what will be best book of the week, with ease.

New Avengers #2 – Mostly because I really, really like Dr. Strange.

Thunderbolts #146 – I can’t believe we’re already at #146 of this one. Parker gets a by while he establishes his new team on an “easy” mission.

Scott Pilgrim V. 6 Finest Hour – Actually, I’m going to get this today… like right now. Bye!

Check out what Grey’s getting while I’m gone – The Gold Standard Shopping List.

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