10 Thoughts on the Nexus v. Cena’s Army At Summerslam

It’s mid-week and the Universe is still buzzing at what appears to be a 7-on-7 Tag Team Match for Bragging Rights 14 Man Clusterf*ck that only gets 5 minutes the biggest angle of the summer. Let’s talk to ten on this epic matchup.

10 Thoughts on the Nexus v. Cena’s Army At Summerslam

1. Edge – How weird was it seeing him stand next to John Cena after the epic feud they had over the WWE Title? Is the WWE going to go the tweener role on Edge during this angle?

2. Chris Jericho – We’re close to the Jericho/Barrett matchup I want to see and it played out almost exactly as I said it would last week. Maybe someone from WWE is taking my ideas seriously. I expect compensation, damnit.

3. John Morrison – Isn’t he supposedly feuding with Teddy DiBiase? But it’s okay – they need someone who botches his finisher without making it LOOK like it got botched. The Nexus on the other hand? Different comment for a different day.

4. R-Truth – Screwed up the Miz’s chance at being the WWE Champion. He’s most likely in this match because a certain someone is wrestling in the indies, patiently waiting for the 90 days to expire.

5. Great Khali – Sure, we need some comedy in a match that doesn’t require comedy. But obivously, Khali is in this match to be the equalizer to Skip Sheffield (the Nexus’ big man).

6. Bret Hart – Sure, the man lost his job as the RAW GM because of the Nexus. The man is also a walking time bomb who can’t take any major bumps because of his insurance policy; and because one bump could be it for him.

7. Now we ask this question. Why not Evan Bourne? Could it be that he’s going to be taking the U.S. Title from the Miz sometime between now and before he cashes in Money in the Bank? Here’s the indicator I’m going with on the possibility of Miz being the WWE Champion. If he is still U.S. Champion at the time of cash in, then there’s no chance in hell.

8. Why not the Hart Dynasty? They may be defending the Unified Tag Team Titles against someone. Or Natalya might be able to shine in the Women’s Division.

9. At least John Cena isn’t in the WWE Title picture this month.

10. Here’s a random thought: Does anyone think John Cena is going to turn heel at Summerslam and join the Nexus?

There’s your ten. Next week, I’m going to do something unique. What do I have in store? This is something that you don’t want to miss. Have a great Wednesday!

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