Big Orange Guy's Top 5: This is Sports Center commercials

We all love sports. Another thing we all love is really good commercials that make us laugh. The hype of the Super Bowl is not only about the game, it is about the commercials. We shush each other as the commercials come on and hopefully we laugh. This year’s Super Bowl commercial with Betty White resurrected her career. I remember the original Budweiser Frogs commercial. Within sports, commercials have always been a big part, both to the sponsors and to the people watching them.

Last week, there was the ESPYs award show. I saw the funniest commercial for the ESPYs show. It is a commercial that I had to watch more than once and when I finally figured it out, I laughed and laughed again. Reggie Bush was working stuffing the gift bags for the ESPYS and he was stuffing the bags with all Saints paraphernalia. When the host Seth Myers walked up to him…well, watch it here.

Reggae Bush. Classic. So, I got to thinking…remember those “This is Sports Center” commercials? Well, I went back and started to watch them and I have come up with my favorites. This week’s list is, Top 5 “This is Sports Center” commercials.

Number 1 – The New Kid This one is a little grainy. I could not find a clean copy. However, this is a slight parody of the NBA drafting people out of high school. This was one of the first ones that really got some recognition.

Number 2 – Star Wars on Sports Center Any commercial that can mix the sports world with the world of Star Wars is incredible and this commercial did not disappoint.

Number 3 – Jorge Posada/David Ortiz and Hip Hip Jorge – I lumped these together as they came out about the same time and both featured Jorge Posada. The first is David Ortiz trying to show Posada how to fix his hat and the second is Posada walking down the hall.

Number 4 – Brats Eating Brats/Running of the Brats – Any commercials featuring large walking bratwurst is worthy of a Top 5 nomination. There are two of them. The first occurs in the cafeteria and the second on the halls of ESPN. I still laugh at these.

Number 5 – The Red Card – This is one of the newer ones as it was leading up to the World Cup. The humor in this is subtle but funny. Landon gets a red card.

Those are my Top 5. There are dozens. Which is your favorite? Until next week, enjoy!

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