Phillies Close to Making Moves?

Reports are coming in that the Philadelphia Phillies are close to making a deal for a starting pitcher. While the pitcher isn’t know, it’s expected that it could be Roy Oswalt.

The Phillies don’t want a rental and could take on some money. Oswalt is owed quite a bit and may require his 2012 option for $16MM to be picked up.

How can the Phillies be able to take on this money? By trading Jayson Werth.

Werth is a free agent after the season and many expect the Phillies to lose him. He’ll get a large contract and it’s rumored that the Yankees really like him. The Phillies would require more than the level of the 2 draft picks they’d receive for Werth, who profiles as a Type A free agent.

An Oswalt deal would have to be contingent on dealing Werth; the Phillies don’t have the prospects that the Astros want for Oswalt and they’d have to give up top prospect Domonic Brown. Brown would be the most likely guy to take Werth’s spot if he’s dealt. So, the Phillies could take prospects that they get for Werth and use them to land Oswalt.

Right now, the leader for Werth would have to be the Rays; they have the prospects needed to get him and they could use a slugger to help in the outfield and at DH. The Red Sox, Giants, Padres, and White Sox could also be a fit for Werth.

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