Spectacular Spider-Girl To Be The Last Monthly Title For Marvel By Former Marvel Editor In Chief Tom DeFalco

iFanboy had an interview with the former Marvel big-wig, and Spider-Girl creator, and here’s a few things of note.

The fact that Spider-Girl is a big deal to me is because it is probably the last monthly comic book I will ever write for Marvel Comics.  It’s a big deal to our fans because Spider-Girl is the longest running female super-hero comic in the history of Marvel Comics.  The first story was cover dated February 1998–although it actually went on sale in 1997–and the character has been around ever since.

I think there are a number of factors. For one, tastes change. I like to do stories that are paced a lot faster than the current style.  I hate to see comics that have people standing around talking like they’re in a radio drama–a drama that is told entirely through dialogue. I actually enjoy a good radio drama, but radio is radio and comics are comics.  I prefer to keep the action flowing with visual bits or sequential story-telling. I also go for broader action and emotional scenes.

Comics are very expensive these days so I believe we have to pack as much story as possible into the pages. Some people like the way I write. Others prefer the current style of writing and vote with their wallets. Since Spider-Girl has been around for so long, I must be appealing to some readers.

Another factor is that I doubt many editors are currently reading my stuff.  They remember me from when they were growing up and just assume they won’t like my writing now that they’re older.  They think of Spider-Girl as a comic for “young kids” and don’t think I’m capable of producing work for their “more mature” titles. I can understand why they feel that way.

Please don’t misunderstand me–I’m not griping. Comic book editors have a rough job. They put in a lot of hours and need to be committed to their titles. They need to work with people that produce the kind of material that they want. If they aren’t familiar with my work, they have no reason to hire me. That’s just the biz!

DeFalco is a class act, as always, and he is really making the best of a raw deal. Yes, Marvel gave the book a considerable number of chances, but did they ever really do anything to show that they cared if the book lasted? Relaunching it aside, that was enough to generate interest in the book for a few issues before they got tired of promoting it again. Tom D has a very unique writing style, and he excels at writing books with more content per issue then your typical issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. If he’s truly done writing monthly books for Marvel, it really is their loss.

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