One Year in Knoxville – July 4, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. With him as always was Dutch Mantell.

Caudle told us that today we’d be seeing an update between the Fantastics and the Heavenly Bodies as well as a video of problems between Robert Gibson and Jimmy Golden. Caudle added that we’d learn more about the upcoming Summer Blast and would see a tag team match between the Batten Twins and Dixie Dynomite and Danny Davis.

Dutch said that the tag match should be scrapped before letting us know that today he’d be joined by Buddy Landel on Down and Dirty.

From there we went to the ring where Jerry Scott was waiting. A lack of entrance music ushered out his opponent – Paul Orndorff.

Orndorff jumped Scott before the bell and rammed him into the corner. Scott dodged an Orndorff charge and rolled him up for a one count. Scott got a headlock and Orndorff backdropped him. Orndorff dropped an elbow and then punched Scott down again before throwing him out of the ring.

Orndorff followed to the floor and sent Scott head-first into the safety rail. Orndorff peppered Scott with punches before rolling him back in. Scott tried for a punch but Orndorff whipped him and missed a clothesline. Scott hit a bodypress for a two.

Orndorff went back on the attack and wound up arguing with referee Mark Curtis. Scott kicked Orndorff and Orndorff began driving knees into Scott’s stomach in the corner. Orndorff let Scott fall and dropped a knee, then pulled him up at the two count.

Orndorff planted an elbow between Scott’s eyes and mocked him before doing so again. Orndorff backdropped Scott and pinned him with one knee while he posed and yelled at the camera.

From there we went to Caudle, who was joined by Jim Cornette and the Bodies. Stan Lane called the Fantastics lunatics for their actions the week before and accused them of attempted murder. Lane added that the reason the Fantastics had attacked them was because they were jealous of the Bodies’ looks.

Cornette took over and brought up the Smoky Mountain Street Fight between the Bodies and the Fantastics at Summer Blast. Cornette advised that the Bodies might not wait until Summer Blast to attack the Fantastics again. He went on to warn the Fantastics that they were finished when the Bodies saw them again.

After a quick commercial, we came back to find Caudle joined by Tim Horner. Caudle brought up that Buddy Landel blamed Horner for costing him the title and we went to video from last week’s main event.

Landel tried for a bodyslam and wound up taking one from Brian Lee. Lee hammered Landel in the corner and whipped him across the ring. Landel stopped him with a back elbow and Horner grabbed a chain from Landel. While Landel was distracted, Lee rolled him up and pinned him to retain the title.

We returned to Horner, who said that Landel was only getting a taste of his own medicine. Horner said that he was going to fight fire with fire against Landel and promised to be all over Landel from then on.

With that we headed to the ring where Joe Cazana was waiting as Tim Horner climbed into the ring. The two locked up and Horner rolled up Cazana for a quick two count.

Cazana and Horner traded armwringers before Horner took Cazana down with an armbar. The to locked up again and Horner kept working the arm, driving Cazana to his knees. Cazana and Horner locked up in a test of strength and Horner hit three armdrags before going back to the armbar.

Cazana whipped free and dropped as Horner jumped over him. Horner armdragged him down and locked the armbar in again.

Cazana backed Horner into the corner and punched him before whipping him into the far corner. Horner dodged a splash and grabbed Cazana’s arm as he fell, locking in the armbar once again.

Cazana backed Horner into the corner again and drove a knee into his gut before raking his eyes and sending him head-first into the turnbuckle. Cazana got a whip and stopped him with a back elbow that got two. Cazana then hit a snap mare and dropped a knee for another two.

Cazana telegraphed a backdrop and Horner started punching away. Horner whipped Cazana and hit an armdrag, then dodged a waistlock attempt by Cazana before rolling him up for the win.

As soon as the bell rang Landel hit the ring with a leather strap. Landel choked Horner and then started whipping him as Dutch cheered him on from commentary and we headed to commercial.

We came back to hear Caudle mentioning a recent match between Robert Gibson and Jimmy Golden before we headed to video.

Golden was twisting Gibson’s head as we came in. Gibson fought back to his feet and Golden sent him into the corner, then started punching. Gibson started throwing elbows and Golden went down.

Gibson whipped Golden and doubled him over with a clothesline to the stomach, then hit a high knee and covered for a two count. Golden tried to beg off and Gibson kicked away before mounting the ropes for the ten punches. Golden wrapped a chain around his fist and popped Gibson behind the ref’s back. Golden covered and got the win.

We then went to an interview with Golden. Golden berated Gibson and promised he could knock him out again. Golden said that Smoky Mountain had accused him of using a chain and said that he’d never used a chain and the worst part was that at Summer Blast the fans would search him before the match.

We then went to the ring where Rick Cannon was waiting before Robert Gibson made his entrance.

The bell rang and the two locked up. Cannon backed into the ropes and the ref broke the hold. A second lockup saw Gibson get a whip and put Cannon down with a back elbow. Cannon went to the corner and Gibson took him down again before hitting a bodyslame and dropping a knee for a two count.

Gibson whipped Cannon and hit a clothesline to the gut, then a high knee. Cannon tried to punch back and Gibson got a headlock before going to a wristlock and an armwringer. Cannon put a thumb in Gibson’s eye and got put back down with a suplex. Gibson went back to a headlock and popped Cannon. Gibson kicked Cannon and took a punch or two before hitting a high knee to put him down.

Gibson whipped Cannon into the corner and followed him in with a clothesline. Gibson went back to the headlock and Cannon reversed a whip into the far corner. Gibson stopped him with a shot to the face and then put him down with his bulldog finisher for the win.

We came back from commercial to join Down and Dirty with Dutch. As promised, his guest was Buddy Landel. Dutch congratulated Landel on getting revenge on Horner. Landel gave Mantell credit for a lot of what he knew about wrestling, and then brought up how Horner had cost him the title. Landel said that he could get another title shot any time he wanted but Horner might get one in his life. Just then Horner hit the ring with a strap and Landel bailed out.

Mantell welcomed Horner to the show and immediately rolled over on Landel by telling Horner how horrible Landel’s earlier attack had been. Horner told Landel that every shot he took from Landel would be two that he’d give back. Mantell told Horner that he’d told Landel that he had no right to attack him like he had. Horner left as Mantell thanked him for stopping by.

We came back from commercial to see Paul Lee in the ring. He was soon joined by Smoky Mountain champion Brian Lee. Paul stalled and told Brian that he would take the belt before shoving Brian. Brian shoved back to take Paul down and then armdragged him over.

Brian whipped Paul and bodyslammed him. Brian backed Paul into the corner and started punching away. Paul tried to fight back and staggered the champ, then raked his back.

Paul continued punching before switching to chops. But Brian kept coming and soon began punching Paul. Brian armdragged Paul down and went to an armbar. Paul fought back to his feet and punched his way free. Paul drove his shoulder into Brian’s midsection and Brian reversed a whip that sent Paul into the corner and over the turnbuckle. Paul ran down the apron and climbed the ropes for a body press, but Brian caught him in midair and turned it into a bodyslam. Brian whipped Paul and caught him with a big boot, then followed up with the Cancellation for the win.

We went to Bob Caudle and Brian Lee. Caudle brought up the fact that Lee was bringing in Ronnie Garvin as his Summer Blast partner. Lee introduced a video to show what Garvin was capable of.

We went to a cage match where Ric Flair was chopping Garvin. Garvin chopped back and backed Flair up. Garvin whipped Flair and put him down with a backdrop. Flair started up the cage and Garvin caught him at the top. Garvin rammed Flair’s head into the top of the cage and Flair fell, straddling the ropes. Garvin came off the top and nailed a sunset flip to pin Flair and win the NWA world title.

Other wrestlers including Barry Windham headed into the ring to celebrate with Garvin as the scene changed and we saw the video from last week where Garvin introduced himself.

We headed back to commentary to hear Lee say that he and Garvin would be unstoppable against Orndorff and the Dirty White Boy at Summer Blast.

We came back from commercial to find Caudle joined by Ron Wright, Orndorff, and the Dirty White Boy. Wright admitted he was nervous after seeing the match against Flair. He worried that his men didn’t know how dangerous Garvin was.

Orndorff grabbed the mic as Wright popped another pill. Orndorff said that both he and DWB had defeated Flair, and Lee wouldn’t fight them one on one. DWB added that it was because Lee was scared and then said that they would take Garvin and Lee out at Summer Blast.

We then watched a video of Bob Armstrong presenting a plaque to a lady who had been a fan of wrestling for over 50 years. He said that the plaque was a lifetime pass to SMW events.

Armstrong then joined Caudle to address Summer Blast. He ran down three matches that had already been announced and then went on to promise that he would keep fining anyone who broke the rules.

The Fantastics came in as Armstrong left to address the Bodies. Jackie told the Bodies that they weren’t hiding from them. He then told the Bodies that they were looking for them. Bobby promised revenge at Summer Blast as well.

We came back to see the Battens on their way to the ring. “TNT” then started playing to usher out Dixie Dynomite and Danny Davis.

Bart and Davis started off. The two shook hands and locked up. Davis got an armwringer that Batten reversed and Davis kicked his way free. Another lockup saw Davis get a headlock. Bart whipped his way free and armdragged Davis down. The two locked up again and Davis went back to the headlock. Bart hit the whip and Davis put him over with an armdrag of his own.

The two slapped hands and locked up again. Bart got a wristlock and tagged Brad in. He and Davis traded the hold and then fought free into a standoff. Davis then grabbed Brad’s arm and brought Dixie in. Dixie and Brad traded hammerlocks and the Fantastics and the Bodies brawled out to the ring.

Mark Curtis called for the bell as Cornette started blasting the Fantastics with his tennis racket. The Fantastics took down Cornette and the Bodies, then Cornette slipped back into the ring with a chair. Cornette blasted Bobby with it while Lane used the racket on Jackie. Lane kept working on Jackie’s knee and Bobby came after Cornette, forcing Prichard to pull him off.

The show closed with the brawl as Caudle told us that next week we’d see the Battens and Paul Orndorff. The last sight we saw were the Fantastics running the Bodies out of the ring and standing tall.

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