So You Think You Can Dance – Episode 7-14

So Injurefest 2010 continues… Yikes. This show has had injuries in the past, but the most talented dancers taken out two weeks in a row? They need to fix something here.

Ashley will be missed, she was the stongest girl this season. But you have to note the differences between her sendoff and the one they gave to Alex. I assume that Ashley will not be invited back because she can go on the Season 7 tour, while Alex won’t be dancing for months. Still, I can hear the cries of “unfair!” already. Alex’s teary goodbye was a big gushy mess because he is Alex. And that is the primary reason he was invited back when many injured contestants were not. Unfair, indeed.

I loved the opening routine. It’s a bit weird to have the contestants dance the group routines next to the All Stars, but it makes it much more entertaining. It was a fun Broadway routine in a season were almost none of the group routines have been standouts. Other than this, the only routine I enjoyed watching was the Top 20 Wade Robson spectacle.

The kids’ Jive was cute, but super awkward – maybe I’m spoiled by the awesome young dancers they’ve had on Dancing with the Stars, but this just didn’t hold up. The segment reeked of filler, especially Cat’s awkward attempt at banter with the poor children. She usually doesn’t mess up this badly. The Alvin Ailey dancers were spectacular. I was pretty much mesmerized during this guest performance. They have stepped up the guest performances, I’ll give the show that.

I like that they picked the “Forever” Hip Hop routine for Twitch and Comfort (to be honest I’m not sure what else they could have picked) and I think I liked it even better the second time around. But my favorite part of the night was Christina Perri’s performance accompanied by Neil and Allison. It’s sweet that a choreographer’s song choice can have such a big domino effect for an unknown singer, and anytime I see a shirtless Neil I am happy.

Jose’s solo was surprising in how good it was, but I suspect it’s because my expectations were so low. He hit the stage with more power and attack than before, so I commend him for it. He still doesn’t belong in this competition. I’m concerned about what Nigel said to Billy Bell – he seemed to criticize the wunkerkind’s solo for being repetitive and for some reason brought up Michael Jackson. Huh? I’m really worried that if Ashley hadn’t been standing there like a sacrifical lamb, the judges would actually cut Billy. Seriously, judges? This Jose lovefest is a joke, is costing you credibility, and needs to stop. The end.

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