10 Thoughts Review Of Legion of Superheroes #3 with Paul Levitz, Yildiray Cinar and Francis Portela

1. Earth Man tries to save life on some planet, while Saturn Queen’s attacks are concluded and Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl search for their children finding instead… well… trouble is an understatement (see #9).

2. Earth Man finding some form of nobility is happening far, far too quickly here, though I’m happy he is no longer a Green Lantern, it lasted such a short while, I’m not sure what the point is.

3. Saturn Queen is, likewise, easily dispatched and was really seemingly only here so the book would have action. At least Projectora gets a good moment out of it, though I really hate how ineffective Brainy has been throughout this.

4. Brainiac 5 calling Saturn Queen a bitch mentally while being mind controlled is really, really stupid on a number of levels.

5. The Green Lantern ring surely doesn’t seem like it works the way it does in our time. The creature that gets the ring looks extremely familiar. Anyone want to place it for me?

6. Sun Boy, who I’ve never really liked prior to this, has come off as really interesting in this series so far. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him and hope he gets a plot devoted to him soon.

7. The art here is fantastic with everyone looking extraordinarily heroic when they ought to and quite human when they oughtn’t. I’m not sure if Cinar or Portela is responsible, but the Saturn Queen fight is especially well handled.

8. Okay, these people have faced Darkseid before in the Great Darkness Saga, which Levitz actually wrote, so upon seeing Avalon, with a huge freaking Darkseid statue, their concern is that is isn’t medieval enough?

9. And you can’t just do a casual Darkseid story like this, especially as his first appearance after nearly destroying existence in “Final Crisis.” Come on! The Great Darkness Saga is handled so much better than this!

10. Rating: 5/10 – This book has been on the fence of being dropped, but it had strongly won me back until the very last page. The introduction of what certainly appears to be Darkseid is handled so poorly that I’m right back on the fence. I like Darkseid enough to stick around, but we’ll see for how long.

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