10 Thoughts Review On New Mutants #15 By Zeb Wells And Leonard Kirk

1. So this is what New Mutants is like when it’s not in crossover mode. I could totally get used to this, this book is fun! It made me nostalgic for 90’s X-Force which was like, all of these guys and then Siryn and Warpath and Meltdown. That book was awesome!

2. Sam has always been a character I’ve had some relation to, when I first got heavily into X-Men he had just recently joined the team and was still the new guy fitting in, and I kept reading X-Men up past when he sort of randomly and unfortunately left the team. It’s just great to see him get his dues here, even if it does open up with Cyclops refusing his resignation. It’s a great moment for Sam as he’s trying to own up to perceived mistakes, and a great move by Scott for refusing to recognize them.

3. In all the chaos in Second Coming I’d completely forgotten what Warlock had been through. I remember him killing Cameron Hodge, but I’d forgotten about the others he had killed as well. It was a nice touch to remind the readers of this, and to show just how badly Warlock was taking it.

4. Hellion gets a speaking role? Does this mean that maybe my prediction of him appearing in this book is accurate? Oh please let it be so! Julian Keller is as under utilized as David Alleyne, or Santos Vaccarro, or Victor Borkowski, or Sooraya Qadir, or Cessily Kincaid. Wow, I just named half of the living roster of New X-Men. I miss that book, and I would adore the usage of its characters in any title, especially this one!

5. I have no idea who these military guys are, but I feel like had I read more back issues (read: any of them) that I might have a better clue, so I’m not going to hold it against the book. Apparently they hate Illyana and spent time in Limbo. They should join the club, and if there isn’t a club, then they should make it and half of the 80’s X-Men will join it.

6. The original New Mutants getting drunk together as a story point. I love that, seriously, I do, and it’s not just the twenty-five year old part of me. When you go out with your old friends, and you’ve all got some issues, what’s the best way to break the tension? Get a little shit faced! Just have fun, relax, remember why you’re all old friends. That’s exactly what they do in this issue, and as someone who is around the age they’re all supposed to be, it worked for me. I could see myself in just about any of the guys at the table.

7. The Illyana and Pixie connection almost makes me wish I’d read X-Infernus, as I did read the New X-Men arc that brought ‘Yana back, and I did read Hellbound. I feel like I’m missing a chapter, that said, I understand why Pixie hates her, but I’m finding myself liking Pixie less and less  so my sympathy for her is dwindling. Also, I like the Rasputin family, even crazy brother Mikhail.

8. I like how even without powers Dani Moonstar still gets a spot in a monthly title, she has so much badass about her without her powers. Add her to my New X-Men cast of under utilized characters. also, what’s the deal with her Valkyrie powers? I didn’t read the Siege issue, so do any loyal readers want to write up about it in the comments or shoot me an e-mail?

9. I’m normally a big fan of Leonard Kirk, and I liked him in this issue, but I kinda want to see more Ibraim Roberson art. Maybe next arc? Pretty please?

10. Rating 8/10 This book is just fun, I can’t believe I hadn’t checked it out before Second Coming. Seriously, why did I turn away at the sound of Zeb Wells name? I’ve been missing out! I have no idea what’s going on and it doesn’t bother me, and when you’re buying a book for real for the first time fifteen issues in and that happens, well, in my book that’s a gem.

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