San Diego Comic Con: Kieron Gillen Talks X-Men Generation Hope

As I reported earlier, Generation Hope is not only a new ongoing series, but will be written by Thor writer Kieron Gillen. CBR caught up with him after the panel, something that with any luck next year will be someone with the Nexus! Well, here’s what Gillen had to say!

“Something strange is going on. Things are not right. The process that caused mutants to develop is slightly out of wack. The ‘machinery’ isn’t making mutants as they should be. When they activate they become both a danger to themselves and a danger to the world. Basically there’s something mysteriously wrong with these mutants and the X-Men are hoping they can stabilise them – and find the method to do that. So the idea that things are all right with the world post-Second Coming is deceptive. New mutants are appearing but things aren’t back to “normal”. The X-Men have fought and some of them died for this mutant messiah but it’s not a case of the sun coming up and everybody living happily ever after. This is a mutated mutation. It isn’t exactly what they’re used to. Generation Hope’ is about making sure that these new mutants that are appearing don’t hurt themselves or others.”

Young mutants with new and potentially dangerous abilities? I’m game! I can’t wait to see what these new kids are like!

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