10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 07.23.2010 – WWE Throwing Away the Rule Book, Silent Crowd & more

1. Kane has the power to put on a massively intense promo but why must they make it like a 1950s B horror movie? However, I shall ignore the soft scary background music and the mood lighting as it was a pretty darn excellent segment. Who else in the WWE could put on such a high-intense and interesting promo?

2. Why must WWE throw away the rule book again! Rey is entitled to a rematch so why does he have to try and earn it? – this wouldn’t happen with Cena.

3. OMG! Drew and Cody together as a tag team!!! I literally screamed out loud when this was announced. They are my dream tag team – well of this current time. In my dream tag team stakes Rick Rude and Macho Man Randy Savage would be my absolute dream tag team of all time – WOW how colourful would they be?!

4. Even though you can’t usually tell with Smackdown as they like to pipe crowd noise in, it seemed as though they forgot to do such a thing during the tag match as the crowd were basically dead – Carthusian monks make more noise than the crowd were. I thought this was pretty surprising seeing as two big crowd favourites participated in the match and I for one thought the match was really good.

5. Tiffany gets a woman’s championship shot, really? That is like giving Hornswoggle an Intercontinental title shot! – actually that is kind of believable. Okay, that’s like WWE giving Chavo a title shot.

6. On looks alone Dolph Ziggler with his platinum blonde hair could easily pass himself off as Mr Perfect’s son instead of the balding Michael McGillicutty we get.

7. On paper – well screen – you would think that the two young and up-and-coming superstars in Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler could put on a really good and fun match but in reality that is clearly not the case and I found myself fast-forwarding through the match until the end.

8. ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes better be careful and not catch his nose piercing with those nasal hair clippers. Even if the segment didn’t apply to me as my nose is hair free I am really looking forward to more tips on how to be dashing.

9. The first fall in the Rey Mysterio/Jack Swagger main event ended a bit off. At first it seemed Swagger was trying to cause Rey as much pain as possible by keeping him in the ankle lock past the five seconds but then when he let go straight away on what would of been the sixth second it just looked as though he forgot the five second rule and lost the first fall by accident. This obviously wasn’t the case but it did make me think otherwise.

10. Rather than having Rey win the 2 out of 3 falls match thus having Mysterio go on to face Kane at Summerslam, I would of much rather preferred for the match to end in a draw and then have a 3-way Championship match at SS. Also that way I wouldn’t have to suffer through another god-boring Rey/Kane feud like I did last time.

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