DC Action Figure News from SDCC (DC Universe, Justice League Unlimited, Green Lanter, and More)

Justice League Unlimited:
-Still Target, will also be at some select online retailers
-Lost wave of 2009 single figures will be out late 2010.
(OMAC, Red Superman, Blue Superman, Silver Captain Atom, Blue Martian Manhunter, Red Tornado, Ultiman)
-New 3-Packs for the Fall
(Batman/Joker/Grey Ghost, Delmos/Warlord/Adult Supergirl, Adam Strage/Animalman/Starman, Golden Age Flash/Hawkman/Green Lanern)
-New 2-Packs for Oversized Figures
(Darkseid/Kalibak, 2 Parademons)
-Spring 2011 Singles
(Batman, KGBeast, B’wana Beast, Metallo, Cheetah, Hro Talak)
-Spring 2011 3-Packs
(Ted Kord Blue Beetle/Translucent Fire/Booster Gold, Toyman/Classic Aquaman/Superman, Firestorm/Angle Man/Killer Frost)

Action League:
-Will expand past The Brave & The Bold and include all of the DC Universe
-Superman vs. Bizarro
-Firestorm vs. Black Lantern Firestorm
-The Flash vs. Captain Boomerang
-Green Lantern vs. White Lantern Sinestro
-Green Arrow vs. Prometheus
-Batman vs. The Joker
-Tomar Re vs. Low
-Red Lantern Atrocitus was shown on the show floor

Retro-Action DC Superheroes:
-Series 3 (The Flash, Captain Cold, Wonder Woman, Cheetah)
-Series 4 (Shazam, Black Adam, Martian Manhunter, Darkseid)
-Green Lantern exclusive series on MattyCollector.com monthly (Sinestro Corp Sinestro, Guy Gardner were shown)

DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe
-6 new sets over the next year
-Mer-Man vs. Aquaman & Stratos vs. Hawkman are next

DC Universe Classics:
-Wave 16 (Dick Grayson Robin, Jonah Hex, Mercury, The Riddler in Jumpsuit, The Creeper, Azreal as Batman, Bane as the C&C)
-Legion 12-Pack Exclusive to MattyCollector.com (Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Ultra Boy, Karate Kid, Wildfire, Matter Eater Lad, Timber Wolf, Colossal Boy)

Green Lantern Classics:
-Sinestro vs. Green Lantern 2-Pack Exclusive to Toys R US
-Wave 1 (Kyle Rayner, Sinestro Corps Mongul, Black Hand, Manhunter Robot, Sinestro Corps Low, Sinestro Corps Maash, Black Lantern Abin Sur, Sinestro Corps Arkillo as the C&C)
-Wave 2 will feature an original Red Lantern character designed by the Four Horseman and named by Geoff Johns
-Ch’p was teased

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