REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #638 "O.M.I.T." by Joe Quesda & Paolo Rivera

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Amazing Spider-Man #638: One Moment In Time

Written by: Joe Quesada
Art by: Paolo Rivera

If you’re one of those people who hasn’t read Spider-Man since One More Day but are curious as to how this whole undoing of the marriage plays out…do not read this comic.

If you’re like me and have been reading Brand New Day and been enjoying it…do not read this comic.

If someone gives you this comic…do not read it.

I really shouldn’t have to say do not read this comic in any other way…but I’m going to.

First let me just get some small nitpicks out of the way. Remember the big mystery over what MJ whispered to Mephisto at the end of OMD? Here it is:

That’s it, she just asks Mephisto to leave him alone forever. Stop wondering.

Two: Who the !@#$ is this? I’ve never minded Sara Rue but why the hell is she in a Spider-Man comic? Honestly this might be the most unrecognizable depiction of Mary Jane I’ve ever seen.

With that out of the way, I should introduce you to the principle actors in the the grand allegory that is One Moment In Time (sue me, I saw Inception this week.)

First we’ve got the fans, who are represented by Mary Jane. This expression pretty much sums up all of their feelings.

Here’s Spider-Man, who represents everything the fans want. He knows something terrible is going to happen to him.

And then we have this bird, Mephisto, who is a stand in for Joe Quesada. He has made it his goal to stop all the things the fans want from getting to them.

He does this by allowing this dude, a representation of the Retcon, run rampant all over Spider-man.


And the whole ordeal pretty much concludes with everything we want laying beaten and bloody upon the sidewalk, while our hearts our broken.

Which of course leads to the current state of the relationship:

Okay, I’ll stop now. Promise. I don’t want you to think I was actually incensed by this comic, if anything it lived up to my expectations. I didn’t think whatever story they were going to give us as to why Peter and MJ didn’t get married was going to b good, and frankly, I didn’t want to hear whatever it was. I was perfectly fine with the idea that they simply never had and that they just broken up after Civil War (because last time I checked, and maybe it doesn’t hold true anymore, Joey Q was telling us that all those things still happened, Peter just never put a ring on it)

To me the idea of going back and tinkering with what happened on their wedding just cheapens the character’s relationships. I’m really supposed to believe that MJ wouldn’t ever give Peter another chance to make their wedding up even though he missed because he was carrying out another in a long line of selfless and heroic acts AND that she would stay with him? Obviously we’ve got to see how this plays out with the rest of the story but so far it’s just leaving a bad taste in my mouth (don’t even get me started on the way they had Spidey totally fumble catching that fat crook)

Rating: More radioactive than the spider that bit Peter Parker. Just stay away.