Aaron Lopresti takes on art AND writing chores on DC's Weird Worlds?

A little news from San Diego Comic Con 2010 about something called Weird Worlds. However, not clear on what it is. Is it a book (that seems to be what they’re saying, but then they say this thing is 3 things in 1…)? A banner for books? Something else? Well, here’s what we do know from DC:

Another announcement — coming later this year or early next year, a new book called “Weird Worlds.”

Lopresti said he’s been wanting to do writing and drawing for DC, and wanted to do a monster book, but Swamp Thing had been taken by Vertigo for years. The slide shows a Swamp Thing-esque character holding a female, and says “Garbage Man” under him.

Lopresti says he wants to bring back “monster as superhero.”

“I hope you all give it a look, and give it a chance, I think it’s going to be really cool,” Lopresti said.

[Senior Story Editor Ian] Sattler said this slide is “the third” of what Weird Worlds is.

Source: Newsarama

I believe the slide Sattler references may be the image we found on the DC Source blog:

Garbage Man

A large version of that image is available through the preceding DC Source link.

The caption below the image reads:

Garbage Man? Looks like Aaron Lopresti art. Could this have something to do with the WEIRD WORLDS title we’ve heard mentioned recently? You’re getting warmer.

Hmmm. Certainly a new sub-genre coming to DC super-hero comics….

For folks that know DC history, DC did publish a title called Weird Worlds in the 1970s for 10 issues. Here is a far out cover from back then:


So, what do you think Weird Worlds is?

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