Kelly Sue DeConnick To Write Norman Osborn Miniseries

He started as the businessman father of Peter Parker’s best friend, and became Peter’s greatest enemy. He went from dead, to alive, to insane, to most powerful man in the Marvel Universe, and then he lost it all.

He is Norman Osborn, and the past few years have taken him from Spider-Man arch-villain to almost Dr. Doom levels.

So it should be no surprise to anyone that a little thing like being in jail isn’t going to stop Stormin’ Norman from getting his own five issue miniseries, titled simply “Osborn”. Due on shelves in November, it’s written by Kelly Sue DeConnick (wife of Uncanny X-Men and Invincible Iron Man writer Matt Fraction), and will have art by Emma Rios, as well as covers from Ben Oliver.

When describing the premise, here’s what DeConnick had to say.

“Norman is transferred to a super-secret quasi-legal prison that’s home to criminals who, it has been decided, pose a dire threat to our nation and “our way of life.” The five individuals housed in the hellhole known as the Third Wing make up the cream of this particularly nasty crop and they are Osborn’s new neighbors. They’re also long-forgotten by the world outside. If there’s one thing Osborn can’t bear it’s the prospect of being forgotten. So. He’s going to have to find a way out — and if that means taking the devil with him, so be it.”

Norman in super jail? Consider this pull listed.

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