Paul Tobin And Clayton Henry To Bring Us Spider-Girl

Well, Arana is Spider-Girl, my May is gone, and now we’ve got a creative team for the title in Paul (Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man) Tobin and Clayton (Exiles)  Henry.

When asked why Arana changed her name, Tobin had this to say.

“I don’t think that Anya was ever really thinking Spider-Girl was a dumb name as much as a new name, and she was having the usual human reaction / backlash to something new. No different than having to toss away a ratty old concert shirt covered in pizza stains. There’s a certain comfort in the “old,” but we (meaning the handsome men and women of Marvel, and editor Nate Cosby, too) felt it was time for some new stories. Anya kicked at us a bit … but she’s very happy now. She’s grown into the role, the life, and this redefining of who she is in the greater scheme.”

And then when asked about my May, he had this to say.

“I certainly want and hope for all readers to support this title, and loving one character doesn’t mean you can’t like another one. Marvel’s readership is more discerning than ever, and May Parker gained a fan base by being an interesting character. I plan on Anya being plenty interesting as well.”

You could have made her interesting without cannibalizing a better characters name and thus ending her near thirteen year run, especially when I bet this book will be lucky to see number twelve.

Not a knock on Tobin or Henry, but like, anything short of making her Spider-Man’s sidekick on a regular basis isn’t going to be marketing her anymore then any other characters that get new titles that quickly die. Brother Voodoo anyone?

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