Swamp Thing return to DCU linked to Brightest Day, Weird Worlds, or ???

There has been a lot of speculation on Swamp Thing’s expected return to the main DC super-hero universe from his years at the company’s mature readers’ Vertigo Imprint. Bleeding Cool speculates that the “white lanterned” (yes, I’m using it as a verb) tree or the whole new forest in Green Arrow’s Star City holds the key to Swamp Thing’s return.

[More after image]
Brightest Day Teaser. Does that tree mark the return of Swamp Thing?

There is also news now of a Weird Worlds book or banner for books (not sure which or even if another possibility exists) where DC’s monsters can be heroes again. That would seem like the perfect spot for Swamp Thing to either return in or go to after his return.

What do you think citizen? 🙂 Where will Swamp Thing return? And when?

[Not actual art from Swamp Thing’s return to DCU]
Swamp Things

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