Teaser Trailer, Poster for indie flick Monsters

Gareth Edwards’ Monsters was certainly one of the more memorable films I saw at this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival.

A low-key, low-budget take on the giant monster movie genre, Edwards’ film is dreamlike in its structure and downright beautiful in other places. I have been dying for the opportunity to see the film again and have the chance to thoroughly digest what I saw — taking in the special effects visuals that Edwards was able to produce on a micro-budget by himself on his laptop.

The movie takes place several years after alien life forms have landed on Earth and spread throughout Central America and half of Mexico. Real-life couple Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy play a pair of Americans attempting to cross through the quarantined monster zone and reach American borders.

The film combines the visuals and style of District 9 with the improvised language of the mumblecore genre. It’s a  slow-paced mediation of survival and the human connection that springs forth in the midst of constant danger.

Here’s the trailer:

A bit of a caveat though. The trailer clearly is playing up the horror angle of the movie — an angle that is a bit misleading. There are a few scares in Monsters, sure, but the movie is so much more (and less) than a horror movie. It’s much more of a relationship drama — that just happens to have giant monsters parading about the background.

Monsters will be released by Magnolia Pictures in the US on October 29.

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