WWE Monday Night RAW Report: John Cena’s Team Implodes; The Nexus Dominates

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Live from San Antonio, TX

Will Shawn Michaels be on the show? Keep it to the Pulse to find out.

Recap of the fallout from last week between John Cena and the Nexus is shown.

John Cena opens up RAW tonight. He recaps the Nexus’ entry into WWE Monday Night RAW. For seven weeks, the Nexus was standing tall…until last week. Cena vows to beat them to prove they are not invincible. If they got all the power, then it could be the end of RAW, supposedly. Cena compares his team to the Justice League and cringes at Khali wearing a Wonder Woman outfit, since he photoshopped it.

Out comes Chris Jericho and I assure you that this is not a meeting of the minds, but a meeting of the egos. Jericho gets a face pop, but doesn’t seem to care about it. Sure enough, Jericho was waiting for Cena to mention “Cena’s team” and he makes something clear to Cena and the fans. Jericho isn’t on “Cena’s team”. He is on a team because he knows Wade Barrett and the Nexus. John Cena agrees and he gives Jericho the team because he simply doesn’t care. He just wants to beat the Nexus. Jericho takes it as sarcasm and he runs off his mouth before getting it slapped silly. It isn’t about Jericho or Cena, but about this DAMN BUSINESS. Cena fires off some more at Chris Jericho and he says it’s gut check time. Jericho goes to pick the microphone back up and he says he knows how essential he is to this team. Jericho says that the Nexus is not just a big threat, but John Cena is just as much a threat. Jericho will turn his sights on Cena after Summerslam is over. Cena says he is standing right here to take his best shot.

The RAW GMail comes into play and he announces the 7-on-7 tag team match as an elimination match. Not only that, the Nexus will face seven different RAW Superstars in an elimination match tonight and that he wants to test how well John Cena and Chris Jericho will work together by tagging them up against a team of his choosing. Add a line from Shawn Michaels “If you’re not down with that, I got two words for ya.” and we close this segment.


Last week, the Miz almost becomes the WWE Champion, but R-Truth spoils the fun.

Here comes the WWE Champion, Sheamus. Interesting to note, there is a referee in the ring for what seems to be our first match of the night.

Randy Orton v. Jay Uso (w/Jimmy Uso & Tamina)

Should be interesting tonight. Bell rings and he locks up with Jay. He goes down as Orton continues to take it to him. Orton has Jay on the ropes, but Jay drops him on the neck and the tides turn. Cover and a quick kickout by Orton. Orton gets back up and they trade blows with each other. Here comes the Apex Predator with a quick powerslam. Jimmy Uso gets a distraction and he gets decked off. Hangman DDT off Jay Uso and the RKO strikes! Cover and Orton wins.

Winner: Randy Orton
Grade: C+

Post match, Jimmy Uso attacks from behind and Orton comes back. Sheamus comes in the ring and he kicks Jimmy Uso instead. RKO for Sheamus and here comes the Miz! He’s cashing in! Sheamus starts to stir and Randy Orton decides to RKO Miz for sh*ts and giggles. Guess the cash in will wait for another week.

Edge is in the locker room talking to Ted DiBiase about how he wants him on Cena’s team instead of Khali. Ted vows to take out John Morrison and Edge says he’ll force Cena’s hand. Listening intently was Runjin Singh.


Sheamus and Miz are arguing in the ring and the RAW GMail chimes in, causing Michael Cole to flub his lines. He found the team that will challenge Jericho and Cena tonight – Miz & Sheamus.

Summerslam Recall: Ultimate Warrior v. Honky Tonk Man

Edge back pedals as Khali and Runjin storm in his locker room. It creates a match coming up next and Edge says that if Khali loses, he’s off the team. Sure, Edge…


The Great Khali (w/Runjin Singh) v. Edge

Michael Cole is on his own as the RAW GMail called up Jerry Lawler to be a part of tonight’s main event.

Edge throws a right and Khali is pissed off. Overhand chop applied and we go pillar to post and Edge is reeling. Clothesline from Khali and he drops the leg on the canvas. Here comes the Nexus and Edge leaves Khali to fend for himself. Hell, if Kane can do so without a problem, this should be easy cheesy for Khali. The Nexus goes from surrounding Khali to allowing Khali to leave the ring, so that they don’t get their asses kicked perhaps.

No Contest
Grade: NR

Up next is the 7-on-7 Summerslam Preview match!


Elimination Tag Match: The Hart Dynasty, Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, Jerry Lawler, Goldust, & Yoshi Tatsu v. The Nexus

Tarver and Tatsu start things off. Tarver takes Tatsu in the corner and Tatsu shows his skills. Tarver kicks Tatsu in the midsection and we go back to the corner. Tatsu gets slammed to the mat for the first elimination. (Yoshi Tatsu is eliminated.) In comes Evan Bourne and he’s sent to the Nexus corner and Justin Gabriel is in. Tag to Lawler and he takes it to Gabriel…DROPKICK! 2nd rope fist drop and Gabriel kicks out for Barrett to pull him out of the way for a regroup.


We’re back. (Jerry Lawler was eliminated during the break.) It’s seven-on-five as the Hart Dynasty takes Heath Slater up and down with a brainbuster for a two count. Backbreaker connects and the leg drop follows. Slater goes up top and he finds himself in no mans land. Tower of London countered and Slater strikes for the elimination. (D.H. Smith is eliminated.) Goldust is in the ring and Slater tags out to Otunga. Vintage Goldust with the eye poke and Young trips Goldust. Otunga finishes Goldust. (Goldust is eliminated.) Mark Henry comes in and Heath Slater gets his ass handed to him. Same with Young and in comes Sheffield. The big men go at it and Mark Henry plants Sheffield on the canvas not once, but twice. Gabriel gets launched in the ring to get squashed. Sheffield hits the lariat and he’s gone. (Mark Henry is eliminated.) Kidd comes in and he gets countered by Sheffield. Tag to Young and down goes Kidd. (Tyson Kidd gets eliminated). Bourne comes in and he takes out anyone alive, but Wade Barrett gets his bearings intact and finishes the clean sweep.

Winners: The Nexus
Grade: FTS (Squashes get this automatically and this match didn’t make me WANT to order Summerslam)

Post match, Evan Bourne becomes the sacrifical lamb for the Nexus.

Wade Barrett says that this was total domination. The Nexus is 100% focused and that Cena’s team is full of cracks due to their egos and agendas. Sheffield with the mic and he says that they will sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the group; something Cena’s team can’t do. Tarver is confident that the Nexus will steamroll through Cena’s team and he hopes Cena is the last man standing because they will end him.

The Miz is in his locker room staring at the Money in the Bank briefcase. In comes Sheamus to gloat about how he won’t beat him. They banter a bit before Sheamus gets pissed off. What can we say? The Miz is awesome.


Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella) v. Alicia Fox

Seems this is non-title and I’m happy to see the Bella Twins tonight. Alicia starts off with a kick before slamming Brie into the corner twice. She likes it so much she chooses a different corner. Jilliam Hall comes down to prevent the switch-a-roo and Alicia Fox drops her legs on Brie for the pin.

Winner: Alicia Fox
Grade: FTS

Jillian Hall has a gift for Alicia…a gift of song. Alicia Fox has had enough and she downs Jillian Hall like a bad habit.


R-Truth is out watching the next match.

Ted DiBiase, Jr. v. John Morrison

Bell rings and Maryse already pays dividends for Ted, who takes Morrison to the limit from the get-go. Morrison tries to get up and he has a fist to the mouth for DiBiase. Spinning heel kick connects and Morrison runs into a boot. Kick connects and Morrison goes for Starship Pain. Maryse distracts, which draws R-Truth out. Cover by DiBiase, Truth knocks the feet off the ropes and gets pie-faced by DiBiase. Morrison gets sent into R-Truth and he gets rolled up for the win.

Winner: Ted DiBiase, Jr.
Grade: D

Post match, R-Truth and John Morrison argue while John Cena looks on in disbelief.


We’re back and we recap last week with John Cena and the Nexus. Josh Matthews is with Randy Orton and he asks Randy if he would rather face Sheamus instead of Miz? Orton’s response: He doesn’t care because he will leave Summerslam as the WWE Champion.

Strange Bedfellows Tag Team Match: The Miz & Sheamus v. John Cena & Chris Jericho



Both teams argue as to who will start the match. Miz and Cena start and Cena sends Miz out of the ring. Back inside and Miz tags in Sheamus. They lock up and Sheamus takes Cena down to a knee. Cena powers out and gets sent to the ropes and he sends Sheamus into the corner. Tag to Jericho and Sheamus takes him to the corner for a beatdown. Dropkick to Sheamus not once, but twise and Sheamus is on the ring apron. Sheamus tries to come back only to get taken out of the ring and Miz mocks him a bit.


We’re back and HERE COMES CENA! Sheamus derails Cena and gets a tag to Miz, who in turn, gets suplexed by Cena. Tag to Jericho and he has an uppercut for Miz. Walls attempt is blocked and Jericho takes Sheamus off the apron before the Miz takes Jericho’s head off. Kick to Jericho by Miz. We get a reference for Shawn Michaels by Cole and Lawler. Miz chokes Jericho on the apron and Sheamus has a clothesline for him. That gets to and Sheamus works on Jericho’s arm. Here comes Jericho, but Sheamus hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker for two. Sheamus is on Jericho and he tags in Miz. Miz works on Jericho at the ropes before covering for a two count. Jericho kicks at Miz and he hits a 2nd rope dropkick. Both men are down. Tag to Sheamus and he stops Jericho from tagging out. Sheamus applies a headlock, sitting on the back, but Jericho JUST WON’T BE DENIED! Tag to Miz and he hits Jericho in the kidneys before taking a page from Jericho’s playbook in the corner. Miz runs for the races…and he lands on his nuts in the corner. Tags all around…Shoulderblock. PROTOBOMB. FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE. The Miz is on the apron as Jericho hits Cena with the Codebreaker! Blind tag by Miz and he pins Cena!

Winners: The Miz & Sheamus
Grade: B+

Post match, Chris Jericho applies the Walls on John Cena and Cena counters it with the STF! Great Khali plays peacekeeper and Edge has a spear for Khali. Team Cena is in the ring arguing and Cena tries to play peacekeeper. Khali attacks Morrison and Edge and the egos are in control as RAW goes off air.

Show over.

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