10 Thoughts on WWE NXT – 07.27.2010 feat. Eli Cottonwood, Michael McGuillicutty, and Second Elimination

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1. I loved how the fans booed Lucky Cannon’s speech about friends. You can tell it really threw him off his game. They need to have more verbal challenges just so we can continually see Eli bomb on the mic. I can’t stop laughing during his promos.

2. I enjoyed Riley’s dig on Kaval. Although I voted Kaval #1 in the recent poll, he does have a deep voice that would be best suited for a narrator position.

3. Unsurprisingly, Ryder is fulfilling the Carlito role for this season. At least I like Percy Watson whereas I hated Heath Slater.

4. Why is Eli’s catchphrase “mustache” when he has a beard?

5. You know something they might want to consider for this show? It’d be cool if each pro got one time out that they could use during the match to help out their rookie. It’d give the pros a better reason to be there and really emphasize the “mentoring” aspect of the show.

6. Josh Matthews was doing excellent on commentary during the McGuillicutty-Cottonwood match. Anytime he clowns Michael Cole is good in my book.

7. I was worried that they might job McGuillicutty out to Cottonwood because of the Morrison segment and because he had immunity, but thankfully they keep him undefeated. The only question is who ends the streak? To me they might be building Kaval-McGuillicutty.

8. They STILL have this Ashley girl around? Note to WWE: She has NO talent so please get her off of my screen.

9. When Husky Harris speaks he reminds of the fat kid that was is/was in your high school classes and sat in the back of the room making random comments.

10. I can’t complain about the top 3, although there goes Cole hating on the Internet darling for a second straight season. Lucky Cannon at #5? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He’s done NOTHING of redeemable value on this show. If they had eliminated Husky I might have rioted, but they made the right call in getting rid of Cottonwood. I loved the closing segment where Eli lost his cool. If they bring him back it gives them something to work with.

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