10 Thoughts on WWE Raw 7.26.2010 feat. John Cena and Chris Jericho vs Miz and Sheamus, The Nexus in Action

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The rundown this week includes dissension in Team Cena, The Miz again attempts to cash in, and The Nexus in a Summerslam preview. Right now on itswilltime.wordpress.com I am discussing the possibility of who could be eliminated from Team Raw, including who I would want them to be and who would replace them. Come on over and join the conversation.

1. Wasn’t a huge fan of John Cena’s extended Super Friends rambling. However, once Jericho came out, promo gold happened. I did like how Cena suggested that they name the team The Lion-Tamers.

2. I like the tease of a future Jericho vs Cena rivalry. The two have been paired a number of times, but I feel like we never really got a lot of mic work from them. They could light it up in a long program with each other.

3. The elimination stipulation for Nexus vs Raw at Summerslam was a nice surprise. I like that they added it, since it guarantees a more psychological match with some ups and downs to get into. However, I don’t think it bodes well for the long term plans for the angle. They won’t have another elimination match with Nexus vs Top Raw Stars at Survivor Series.

4. Sheamus scouting Randy Orton was a really nice old school touch. I like seeing the champion at ringside studying his challenger. It’s a small touch that really puts the program over.

5. I love the second tease with The Miz cashing in. Sure, eating an RKO doesn’t exactly make him look tough, but it also doesn’t make him look weak. Orton can take anyone out with that move and The Miz looks extremely dangerous with his briefcase in tow.

6. How could you not love the teases of taking The Great Khali and John Morrison off of the Raw team? It should be really interesting to see how this team shapes up once Summerslam is upon us. I have much more to say about this on my blog at itswilltime.wordpress.com.

6. The Raw B-Team vs Nexus elimination match was a good little show of unity for The Nexus. I am a little disheartened to see Evan Bourne heading up this team though. He should be on Cena’s dream team, not leading Yoshi and Goldust.

7. I mentioned this last week and on my blog (itswilltime.wordpress.com) but I have to say that the 7-11 wrestler straws are pretty freakin’ cool. Seriously, they are the greatest Slurpie drinking device of all time.

8. I don’t think anyone really wants to see R-Truth and John Morrison fight, unless it’s a loser never raps again match. I would pay top dollar to see that one (presuming Truth loses and then sings his final, sad chorus of “What’s Up”)

9. So The Miz has pinned John Cena. Looking back in time one year, I wonder if the Miz will start wearing the “Miz – 7, Cena – 0” armband again. I think he should save his winning streaks for the next 17 Wrestlemania’s, but that’s just me.

10. It seems that the only point WWE wanted to drive home tonight is that Team Cena just can’t get along. I wonder how that gets reenforced or rectified next week, especially with the possibility of eliminating a man from the team thrown into the mix.

That’s all for this week folks. Thursday is my birthday, but rest assured, there will be another People’s Column up as scheduled. Check out my blog (itswilltime.wordpress.com), where I am always discussing the latest wrestling news and most of all, have a pleasant week.

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