NFL News: Jaguars Get Stadium Sponsor

At a press conference earlier this afternoon, the Jacksonville Jaguars announced that EverBank has become the Jaguars’ new stadium sponsor. The official name of the stadium will now be EverBank Field.

The Jaguars have been searching for a sponsor since Alltel didn’t renew their sponsorship after 2007.

Many sources have been calling the sponsorship deal worth $5 million for 5 years.

This is good news for the Jaguars’ organization as they’ll now get some income that they won’t have to share with the other 31 NFL teams.

EverBank was one of the few banks that has been posting good numbers since the economic recession has hit. They have their corporate headquarters in Jacksonville and they operate by telephone, internet, and the mail.

Although no formal announcement has been made, Blue Cross Blue Shield is also said to have sponsored the Jaguars. The Jags’ practice fields outside of EverBank Field will be named Blue Field.