ECW / TNA Impact Spoilers For July 29

– Tommy Dreamer says that due to legal complications the ECW group has had to come up with a new name. It is EV2, i.e. Extreme Version 2.0 (actually an Eric Bischoff suggestion). Dreamer chants EV2 and some people did it with him. Brother Devon doesn’t know is Brother Ray is with them and calls him to the ring. Devon tells Raythat these guys are all family and they need to put their problems aside. Dreamer tells them to put their problems aside. Mick Foley vows they are putting together a great show and if Ray doesn’t do this at the end of his career he’ll regret it. Team 3D makes up. Hulk Hogan comes out and thanks Team 3D for making up for the benefit of TNA. Abyss still thinks they are coming and they’ve ordered him to take out Dreamer. Hogan announces Abyss vs. Tommy Dreamer as the main event.

– Angelina Love beats Sarita.

– Eric Young is acting goofy because of being kicked in the head. He is hanging out with Orlando Jordan backstage.

– Ink Inc beats Orlando Jordan & Eric Young. Jordan kisses So Cal Val during his entrance. Young brings a fake male model wearing pink feathers to the ring with him.

– Tommy Dreamer says his match with Abyss will be hardcore rules.

– Ric Flair announces that Beer Money are the final two members of Fortune, alongside Kazarian and A.J. Styles. He also says he will return to the ring for a rematch with Jay Lethal next week. Kurt Angle interrupts Fortune to announce that Styles is next on his list. It is announced that the Global Title will be getting another new name. It is now the TNA TV Title.

– Motor City Machine Guns beat Beer Money in a Steel Cage Match. The score is now 2-1 to Beer Money in the Best of 5 Series. Roode is busted open during the match. Storm accidentally hits Roode with a beer bottle. Shelley hits a move off the cage. Guns win by pinning both Roode and Shelley.

– Matt Morgan comes to the ring to Ken Anderson’s music. He tries calling for the mic but it takes him three attempts to get it. Morgan introduces himself and makes up some fake stats about himself too. Anderson comes to the top of the ramp and has his own mic lowered for him. Morgan dares him to try something and Anderson attacks, yet Morgan chokes him with the mic cable. Jeff Hardy makes the save but two TNA security guards get involved and try to attack Hardy. A bunch of agents help break it all up.

– Rob Terry squashes Kazarian in 30 seconds.

– Jeff Hardy & Ken Anderson beat Matt Morgan & TNA Security Guards. Morgan abandons the guard, who gets pinned by Hardy after a Twist of Fate.

– Eric Bischoff announces that the August 12 episode of Impact will be a special show featuring former ECW stars. The main event will be a Hardcore Match between Rob Van Dam and Abyss, with Janice hanging above the ring. Abyss tries to attack Bischoff with Janice but RVD makes the save. Abyss fights back but Dreamer shows up as well.

– Abyss beats Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore Match. Dreamer tries to use a trash can but Abyss punches it into his face and then goes to use Janice. Raven runs in with a chair and DDTs Dreamer onto it. The other EV2 guys attack Abyss and yell at Raven. Expect another Raven vs Dreamer match on the PPV.

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