Countdown to Final Crisis comments by Sean McKeever

Our very own Grey Scherl had the honour of interviewing comic writer Sean McKeever here. The topics ranged from his current work on Young Allies to *gasp* his previous work on DC’s “Countdown” weekly maxi-series. There was an illuminating quote that appears to be a comment on the editorial, um, leadership that all the Countdown writers were, um, guided by:

Nexus: Moving over to DC, what was it like to work on Countdown? What were your thoughts on the series at the time?

McKeever: We all went into it with the best of intentions and we were all very excited. It started out fun, and a neat challenge, but it became more and more trying as the series went on. As with Bedard, Palmiotti, Gray and Beechen, I had very little say. As time passed, we were promised a more prominent role, but the reality was we wound up having less and less to do with it.

There are some highlights for me–the CRIME SOCIETY special with Jamal Igle and the Ray Palmer story with Scott Kolins in #18, especially–but it’s mostly a blur now.

A big thanks to Sean McKeever for sitting down for the interview and being so candid.


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