One Year in Knoxville – July 11, 1992

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Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. With him as always was Dutch Mantell. Caudle told us that today we’d see Danny Davis, Killer Kyle, and the Heavenly Bodies. Caudle added that we’d hear more about the upcoming strap match between Buddy Landel and Tim Horner. We’d also see Paul Orndorff and the Dirty White Boy against the Batten Twins. He also mentioned that we’d rewatch the battle between the Fantastics and the Bodies.

Mantell announced that today on Down and Dirty he’d be joined by Orndorff and the DWB.

We then headed to the ring to see Killer Kyle on the way out. The music soon changed to usher Danny Davis down the aisle.

Kyle stared at the smaller Davis as he circled the ring. The two locked up and Kyle shoved Davis across the ring. Davis tried again and went flying again. Another lockup saw Davis go flying yet again. As Kyle celebrated for the fans, Davis dropkicked him out of the ring.

Kyle returned to the ring and Davis dodged a charge from him. Davis dodged as Kyle charged a corner and began kicking Kyle in the back of the thigh. The two then locked up again and Kyle backed him into the corner. Kyle drove a shoulder into Davis’s gut and then started punching away.

Kyle whipped Davis into the far corner and Davis dodged the charge before dropkicking Kyle to the mat. Davis kept working on Kyle’s legs and the big man went down before rolling to the outside to regroup.

Kyle slowly climbed back in and locked up with Davis again. Kyle backed Davis into the corner and started punching him in the stomach before nailing a sidewalk slam. Kyle picked Davis up and hit a backbreaker, then followed up with a punch that sent Davis into the corner. Davis kicked his way free and started peppering Kyle with punches.

Kyle pulled his violin case in front of the turnbuckle and sent Davis into it head-first. Kyle covered for the win and Dixie Dynomite ran to the ring to tell the ref what had happened.

Mark Curtis reversed the decision and Kyle blasted Dixie with the case. Kyle then put his hat back on and left the ring.

We then went to Caudle who was with Bob Armstrong. Armstrong fined Kyle five hundred dollars for the use of the case. Armstrong then announced an upcoming show for August 8 – Fire on the Mountain. We then headed to commercial as Mantell expressed his disbelief that Kyle was being fined.

We came back to find Caudle with Tim Horner. Horner promised that he hadn’t forgotten Landel’s actions from last week and we went to video. We saw Horner leapfrog Joe Cazana and then pull him down with a sunset flip. Horner bridged through and got the win.

Landel then hit the ring and took Horner over with the strap before starting to viciously whip him.

Landel then showed off the belt and said that Horner’d gotten the whipping he’d needed as a child. Landel asked if Horner was an idiot for proposing the match. He mocked Horner’s promo from the previous week and promised that Horner hadn’t seen anything yet.

Horner then promised that he was coming for Landel next week at Summer Blast. Horner said that Landel may have gotten the first shots in, but he’d get the last ones.

We came back from commercial to find Caudle joined by the Fantastics. Bobby told the Bodies that they weren’t hard to find and introduced footage of their brawl with the Bodies.

The video then replayed from a couple of weeks ago that showed the backstage brawl with the Fantastics battling the Bodies and Jim Cornette.

After the video, we went back to the Fantastics. Jackie promised that they’d take out the Bodies at Summer Blast. Bobby added that they’d take out the Bodies next week.

We then went to the ring to find Jim Cornette. Cornette reminded the Fantastics that Jackie had been crippled once and offered the Fultons an opportunity to back out of the match.

The Fantastics headed to the ring with their sights set on Cornette. That brought the Bodies out of the back. The Bodies and Cornette stomped away on the fallen Fantastics. Cornette choked Bobby with his racket while Prichard choked Jackie with the ropes. Cornette pitched Mark Curtis out of the ring and the Fantastics ran the Bodies out as we headed to commercial.

We came back to Down and Dirty with Dutch. As promised, Mantell was joined by Orndorff, the DWB, and Ron Wright. Mantell introduced a tape.

We saw Ronnie Garvin, who promised to punish the DWB and Orndorff at Summer Blast. Garvin mentioned that he was 41 and in great shape. Garvin said that they’d show DWB and Orndorff the difference in a fair fight. Garvin closed by promising to take them out. We then went to an old film showing Garvin waterskiing and wrestling Andre the Giant, Cowboy Bob Orton, and Jos LeDuc among others.

We then returned to Down and Dirty, where Dutch pointed out who Garvin had wrestled. Wright began panicking and expressing his concern about his dear friends having to get into the ring. DWB said that he and Orndorff were tougher than Andre, and told Garvin to take his best shot. Orndorff called them Giant Killers and promised to take out Garvin.

We came back from commercial to find Orndorff and DWB in the ring to face the Batten Twins. Bart and DWB started the match. The two locked up and DWB backed Bart into the ropes. DWB nailed a couple of knees to the gut and Bart reversed a whip. He followed with a backdrop and then both Battens dropkicked first DWB and then Orndorff.

The Battens high-fived as Orndorff stormed out of the ring. Ron Wright came over to give some advice. DWB returned to the ring and the two locked up again. DWB got a waistlock and took Bart down, then Bart reversed it into a hammerlock. Orndorff slipped in and the Battens switched while Curtis ordered Orndorff out.

DWB escaped the hammerlock and then got hiptossed. Orndorff got snapmared and then fumed as Brad celebrated. DWB came back in and tagged Orndorff.

The two circled before locking up. Brad got a headlock and Orndorff whipped his way free. Brad shoulderblocked him down and then put him down with a crossbody. Orndorff kicked out and began punishing Brad. He slapped Brad and sent him into the turnbuckle before bringing in the DWB for a double clothesline.

DWB punched Brad and Brad started punching back. DWB reversed an Irish whip and threw Brad out of the ring. Bart came in and Curtis ordered him out, giving Orndorff a chance to piledrive Brad on the floor.

DWB punched away on Bart as Brad didn’t move. DWB sent Brad into Orndorff’s boot and made the tag. Orndorff sent Bart into the turnbuckle and then raked his eyes on the top rope. Orndorff stomped Bart down as another wrestler came out to check on Brad. Orndorff hit a suplex and brought the DWB in.

DWB hit a powerslam on Bart and then dropped a leg. DWB mocked Bart and Orndorff headed to the Battens’ corner to call for a tag. DWB dropped Bart over the ropes and tagged Orndorff.

Orndorff came off the top to put Bart down and Brian Lee headed to the Battens’ corner to call for a tag. Orndorff pulled Bart away from Lee and clotheslined him. Orndorff kept Bart away from the corner by stomping him.

Orndorff tagged DWB in and he put Bart down with a hip. DWB dropped an elbow and jawed at Lee before slamming Bart. DWB missed a standing splash and Bart crawled for his corner as Orndorff hit the ring to prevent the tag.

Orndorff dropped an elbow to the lower abdomen. Bart escaped a whip and the two cracked heads. Lee tagged in and went after both DWB and Orndorff. Lee cracked their heads together and put them both down with clotheslines. DWB tossed Bart over the top for the DQ and Lee kept fighting, but Orndorff caught him from behind.

With Lee down, Orndorff continued his assault while DWB stomped him. Danny Davis and Robert Gibson came to the ring to run out the DWB and Orndorff as we went to commercial.

We came back to join Caudle. He introduced the video of the match between Jimmy Golden and Robert Gibson. Golden was working over Gibson’s neck when we joined the match. Gibson got loose and Golden sent him to the corner before the two started trading punches. Gibson took Golden down and whipped him. Gibson hit a clothesline and then a knee lift for two. Gibson stomped Golden and climbed the ropes for the ten punches.

Golden wrapped a chain around his fist and blasted Gibson, then covered for the win.

Caudle was joined by Gibson when we came back. Gibson promised to bring fans out to search Golden at Summer Blast and we took another commercial break.

We came back to find Gary Scott and Rick Tanner in the ring. Cornette grabbed the microphone and said that Stan Lane had to wear a helmet because the Fantastics had busted his eardrum. “Frankenstein” then began playing to usher out the Bodies.

The bell rang and the Bodies attacked their foes, easily gaining an advantage. Lane pitched Tanner and Prichard elevated Scott, then Lane hit a clothesline. Prichard covered and the Bodies got the win.

The Fantastics came out of the back and hit the ring. The Bodies didn’t take long to clear out. The Bodies went back in and the fight was on. The Fantastics seemed to be gaining the advantage as the show wound down. Lane got pitched and both Fantastics put Prichard down with a double back elbow. The Bodies bailed out of the ring and the show closed with the Fantastics standing tall in the ring.