REVIEW: Green Lantern #56 By Geoff Johns And Doug Mahnke

Green Lantern #56
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

So if any real true positive has come out of me doing reviews and spoilers, it’s that I’m forced to read what I feel will be the best book of the week first so that I can report on it to you guys. This means that I get to open up weeks with Green Lantern, as opposed to ending on it. That’s just so awesome, I mean, sure, it disrupts my OCD, but it means I get to open up on an awesome moment once a month as Green Lantern never seems to fail.

So how is the new issue? Well, it’s funny and creepy and full of action. You’ve got the return of as classic villain, the debut of not one but two Entities, and even Larfleeze!

That’s right! The Orange Lantern has returned! And he’s on Earth! And he’s on a mission made out of awesome!

There’s a lot of cool stuff in this issue, including a cameo by Saint Walker in one of the most hope oriented places in the DC Universe.

And on the art front you’ve got Doug Mahnke putting on a clinic with his pencils, though that isn’t to anyone’s surprise. I wasn’t sure how much I’d love him on this title until he replaced Ivan Reis, and I was so happy when the quality didn’t dip. Mahnke is the kind of professional artist that can handle action, drama, and horror all on the same page. And given the contents of this issue, his style is pitch perfect. His work on this book is almost like a gift from DC to us fans. And that last page? So creepy it was awesome.

Johns is furthering his story about the Entities and the Lantern representatives on Earth, and the pacing is spot on. This is yet another great issue of a great book, and it continues to prove why Green Lantern is a must read book every month.



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