Were Money No Object – July 28 – Featuring The JSA Vs Kobra

It’s time again to look through this week’s new graphic novels and trade paperbacks and put together a wish list of books I’d love to own, were money no object.

What I Wish I Could Buy:

Myspace Dark Horse Presents Vol. 5 TPB

by various creators; Dark Horse, $19.99

These anthologies reprinting materials that are offered online on Myspace are always a mixed bag.  There is usually a mix of licensed properties (Buffy, Conan, and Solomon Kane get mentioned in the solicitation text), existing Dark Horse titles (Mister X), and new or completely original offerings.  As well, the quality is usually quite variable, but I’m a sucker for a nicely made anthology book, and this volume has some highly-talented contributors.  Darick Robertson, Guy Davis, Dean Motter, and Matt Kindt are mentioned in the solicit, and I can usually be assured that there will be something else that will catch my eye.  I just noticed Jill Thompson’s name on the cover – a definite sign of quality…

I Think You Should Buy:

JSA Vs. Kobra TPB

by Eric Trautmann, Don Kramer, and Michael Babinski; DC, $14.99

This six-issue mini-series got next to no recognition when it came out, and I couldn’t understand that at all, because it was excellent.  As the title suggests, the JSA goes up against Kobra.  As the series is written by Greg Rucka’s sometime collaborator on Checkmate (and the man who should have been given that title, instead of Bruce Jones), the spy organization headed up by JSA chairman Mr. Terrific, has a pretty large role in this comic.  Kobra’s new leadership is making a play for power in the US, and is staying a step or two ahead of the world’s largest superhero team.  This is an intelligent superhero comic, and the writing is a hundred times better than what we’ve seen on JSA (or it’s spin-off title) since Geoff Johns left.  Kramer’s artwork is just about perfect throughout.  Highly recommended for anyone who likes a good superhero/spy comic.

Four Eyes Vol. 1 Forged in Flames

by Joe Kelly and Max Fiumara; Image, $9.99

This is a very cool comic.  Kelly has written a Depression-era coming of age story featuring a young boy whose father is killed while doing a job for a gangster.  Young Enrico feels that it is his responsibility to look after his mother, and to fill his father’s shoes.  What makes this more interesting is that the father’s job was to procure dragon eggs so that the young dragons can be trained to fight in the illegal dragon-fighting circuit that is one of the few profitable streams of revenue for the mobs during this time of economic hardship.  Fiumara really cuts loose on this book, designing some intense dragons, and portraying a dirty and hard New York City.  Kelly and Fiumara work well together (as seen on their recent Amazing Spider-Man Rhino stories), and together they make Enrico, with his determined manner and eyes, a memorable character.

This book is only $10, collecting the first four issues of the series.  I hope that enough people pick this up that more issues of the comic will get made.

Well, those are my picks for this week.  What would you get were money no object?

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