The People’s Column: Is The Miz’s Time Now Or Later?

Welcome to yet another extra special edition of The People’s Column! Why extra special you ask? Because today is my birthday! Since it is my birthday, you should head over to my blog ( to wish me a happy birthday and to read some quick thoughts on TNA’s Best of Five Gimmick Series with Motor City Machineguns and Beer Money Inc and the conclusion of my “Who should stay or go on Team Cena” post. This week I hit over 10,000 views on my blog in just 3 months, an accomplishment I am rather proud of. Anyways, on with the column.

This year there has been quite the competition for most improved and hottest breakout star. We have seen the rise of Sheamus from fluke champion to legitimate top heel. We have seen the rise of Wade Barrett from NXT competitor to the leader of a major faction and driving force behind the most intriguing story of the year. We have seen Jack Swagger go from jobbing to Santino in comedy matches to the World Heavyweight Championship. All of these have been great creations of new stars breaking through the glass ceiling. Out of all the stars created, the most unlikely seems to be The Miz.

Let’s jump in the People’s Time Machine and check out The Miz in 2006. He was the “host” of Smackdown, often putting his efforts towards trying to make the crowd apcare about the Dive Search. He was not used as an in-ring competitor and was hated backstage. He was basically a joke. Now hop back into the People’s Time Machine and come back to current day.

The Miz is one of the top stars in WWE and is a consistent top tier performer on WWE’s premier roster. This month, he reached what has been his crowning achievement and an achievement that is seven-for-seven on crowning new world champions, Money on the Bank. Since reaching that milestone and giving a heartfelt promo afterwards, The Miz has been teasing that he will cash in that Money in the Bank as soon as he sees a chance. My question is, should he cash it in now, or later?

The argument for cashing in now is simply to strike while the iron is hot. The Miz is one of the most compelling characters on Raw. Because he has the briefcase, anytime his music hits, the crowd erupts. The Miz has the charisma and the in ring ability to take himself to new heights, including holding the WWE Championship.

The only problem that I see with The Miz winning now is that he may not be portrayed as a credible champion. This has long been the lament for the MITB winners. Jack Swagger was dealt a lot of losses in his first month as champion. CM Punk was defeated multiple times while he possessed MITB for a second time. Both of these men looked less than credible on their runs (in Punk’s case, he made up for it after some time with his amazing heel turn). Last year The Miz had a program with John Cena where he was beat in five minutes on pay per view. This could be his fate yet again if the trigger is pulled on him too soon.

On the other hand, what is there to lose from waiting? One of the first columns I wrote for the Pulse was about how MITB was WWE’s booking panic switch. Why not sit down and wait, just to be sure that injuries and shifts in the roster won’t necessitate the need for a panic? On top of that, no competitor that has held MITB has really allowed themselves to be elevated by the threat of the briefcase, aside from Edge’s original run with it. The Miz has a chance to be elevated simply by holding the briefcase.

Aside from simple elevation, he is always a threat as long as he holds on to the briefcase. The Miz can walk into the arena, and suddenly the fans do not know if they are about to see a title change with history being made. On top of that, they have the opportunity for Miz to build up some wins against top talent on his way to the championship.

Since RVD cashed in the second ever MITB contract, we have not seen a wrestler inform the champion he was cashing in against of his intentions to do so beforehand. The MITB briefcase is known for making moments, not creating amazing matches. I feel that this is a mistake. It is always exciting, but why not make some money off of it (no pun intended). It may not seem like a heel-ish action for Miz to challenge the champion beforehand, but he could arrogantly say that he wants to make sure his win is considered legitimate in everyone’s eyes.

If I were writing the show, I would have The Miz wait until Wrestlemania. The winner of the Royal Rumble could go after Smackdown’s World Heavyweight Championship, leaving The Miz the challenge Raw’s WWE Champion. At this point, The Miz could simply say that he has always dreamed of main eventing ‘Mania and that this briefcase is his opportunity to do so. There does not have to be any trickery involved, just two deserving men fighting for one championship.

Of course, I am not writing the show, so I have no say. I hope you have enjoyed this read today. Don’t forget to check out to wish me a happy birthday!

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