10 Thoughts On Superstars 07.29.2010 – feat Santino Marella, William Regal, and MVP

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1. The WWE intro has taken some getting used to. I know times are constantly changing, but I didn’t see an issue with the previous one. Yes, Cena is Mr. WWE, but did we need to dub his voice over the famous and beloved JR?

2. So to kick off, we have Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs William Regal and…Primo. Okay, I guess. 75% of the people in this match are in a happy medium. They’re just big enough that they probably should have been the main event of Superstars tonight, and gain big reactions from the audience. But they’re just mid-card enough that they’re being wasted on Raw. It was nice to see them in a real contest, where the focus was on them.

3. I about fell over when Santino started power-walking in the ring. I called my father in to watch it, and he’s not even a fan. Santino is amazing, because he has decent talent in the ring, and he’s actually funny. Not funny like Cena’s weekly comedy routine attempts to be. But the “actually making me laugh out loud” kind of funny.

4. Cole made references tonight to the Summer Slam match, calling Cena’s team “The WWE All-Stars”…it’s a sad day in professional wrestling history when Khali and R-Truth are considered All-Stars.

5. So Chris Masters and the Dudebusters are continuing this micro-feud on Superstars. They’re not flooding my TV, which I enjoy. But it’s just not interesting enough to fully care about. Masters should be picking on someone his own size; not forcing the Dudebusters into my home every Thursday.

6. I’m not sure if I’ve just never noticed until now, but I really dig the fact that there are actual feuds on Superstars. Jillian Hall was feuding with the Bellas for weeks on Superstars before it was acknowledged on Raw. Now we have Chris Masters and the Dudebusters. This way, they’re free to do what the WWE wants them to do on the “big shows” but are still entertaining on Superstars.

7. I don’t mind MVP. I met him during Wrestlemania week, and he was a really nice guy, so I don’t mind seeing him on most of the programs. But Percy Watson? Tuesdays are too much, let alone having to see him accompany MVP on Superstars and Smackdown, as well.

8. Chavo was finally becoming interesting on Smackdown. Why did they remove him already?

9. Chavo sold a back body drop like a champ. It was graceful and marvelous.

10. I sighed when I found out that MVP vs Chavo Guerrero would be the main event, but I was delighted when I watched it. They did really well, teasing pinfalls and selling their little hearts out. I was surprised.

Time is slowly rolling by as we make our way to Summer Slam. Superstars was fairly entertaining tonight, and we were treated to zero Diva action! I guess I got spoiled on the fact that they’ve been giving us four matches an episode, but tonight we only got three. Two-thirds of the matches were excellent–as far as Superstars goes–and I enjoyed it.

I’ll see you all next week! Until then, you can (and should) find me on Twitter. @KELLYFLOYDBRAND

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