10 Thoughts Review on Lex Luthor's Action Comics #891 by Paul Cornell, Pete Woods and Cafu

1. Cornell and pencillers’ Woods and Cafu take Luthor through a journey in his own mind as he battles the nefarious evil worm, Mr. Mind.

2. This is fairly reminiscent of Morrison’s Return of Bruce Wayne or Hickman’s Fantastic Four mini-series, except the time jumps are of the mind, not actually happening.

3. Despite being a recently overdone plot, Lex’s top notch characterization in figuring everything out make this quite the compelling read. The sheer awesomeness of the situations surely doesn’t hurt anything.

4. We have Lex in Roman times, as Dr. Frankenstein, and in the wild west here to keep us occupied while Lex figures out that there’s a problem and, of course, uses his willpower and intellect to turn everything into his favor.

5. I adore the device of using Mr. Mind talking to his mysterious employer directly, but as if he’s addressing us, the readers. Mr. Mind is also a perfect tone setter as the first villain of this arc. He’s a great sign that we’re into crazy absurd Because comics! That’s why! territory here.

6. As great as the use of Mr. Mind is, the use of Lois, whether the robot in the real world or within Lex’s imagination to keep him honest and on the right track is a truly intriguing addition to the character. He’s almost in love with her, but really just recognizes a need in what she represents and brings out of him. It almost hearkens back to Red Son in a way.

7. Superman has been kept almost entirely absent from even being mentioned. An interesting choice since, as soon as he really comes up, he has to become Lex’s driving motivation and, really, there’s more going on.

8. I get why Lex is going to employ Deathstroke going forward, I really do, but the dude is just overused at this point.

9. Luthor’s mental battle with Mr. Mind is awesome as he uses his willpower to essentially become Superman, then casually punt Mr. Mind away before awakening and looking for answers. It’s on now.

10. Rating: 8/10 – This is great comics. High concept level plotlines meet great characterization for what might be my favorite take on Luther ever.

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