10 Thoughts Review: Flash #4 By Geoff Johns And Francis Manapul

1. While I remain a fan of the late Owen Mercer Captain Boomerang, displays like the one in this issue make me glad to see Boomerang Classic. I like the new powers, I like the return to the classic design, and played up right, I’m going to like his inclusion back on to the Rogues when it comes about, and I’m especially interested in a potential Suicide Squad meet up.

2. The Renegade versions of Top and Heatwave being the ones to question their goals worked for me on a few levels. I mean, with Heatwave you have a character who did make an honest attempt to be a hero for a while before it was revealed that his mind was altered. Altered by the Top, who Barry personally tried to have made into a good guy via magic during (revealed during Identity Crisis). Out of the Rogues with analogues on the Renegades, it does make sense that the two analogues who who displayed wavering commitment to the cause would be the two members most interested in breaking from the gameplan.

3. The amount the Renegade’s mention “The Judge” I’m waiting to see which Flash villain is analogued for it. I mean, that’s the theme, so stick with it, right?

4. The supporting cast inclusions of Barry’s CSI buddies and Iris was quick, needed, and yet incredibly forced. Nothing was furthered by showing them, and the only real purpose was reminding us that they do exist even if they have nothing important to do. Also, Iris typing in text speak with stuff like “R U Ok?” drives me insane, as I can’t imagine a journalist typing like that and not taking the extra few seconds to spell the full word.

5. The reveal behind the purpose of everything, with Sam Scudder’s last resort plan opening a can of worms that leaves Barry a murderer and wanted by the Renegades, works for me. I mean, sure, it puts Iris in a position where there’s a heel turn on tap for the future, but it also ups the danger level of Mirror Master considerably. I have no doubt that Iris is going to be Iris and isn’t going anywhere, so I’m really just interested in how Barry manages to avert that one aspect of his future.

6. I kinda want to see Top come back from the dead and piss Barry off now that I’m thinking about “The Secret of Barry Allen” from Identity Crisis.

7. Rogues vs Renegades? Is this going to be like Rogues vs New Rouges, or will this fight be fair? Because Rogues vs New Rogues from Revenge of the Rogues was one of the most one sided fights I’ve ever seen in comics.

8. Nice Mirror Master infodump in the back with the Flash Facts section. It’s been a while since anyone really bothered to explain how his mirrors worked, and it just helps add to the importance of this giant last resort mirror that’s been a plot point this arc.

9. Francis Manapul is incredible on this book. Seriously I am glad that he’s doing this title and his art style is just perfect for it. Everything feels fast, I mean, the characters, the pacing, the action, everything feels artistically like it’s going in full throttle, which is perfect given that it’s the fastest man alive.

10. Rating: 7/10 This issue is leaps and bounds better then the previous few, and it owes that to sticking on point. The book did little to divert from Flash and the Renegades, and book was better for it. Not to say that Barry’s secret identity isn’t interesting, but, well, it hasn’t been yet.

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