10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 07.30.2010 –A new side of Kofi Kingston, was this edition a repeat? & more

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1. I know I was a bit critical of Kane’s opening segment last week but this week’s promo brought everything to a whole new level of spine-tingleness. But the background music needs to go away ASAP.

2. Even if I am not entirely happy that Kane is the World Heavyweight Champ – I have a major soft spot when it comes to Rey Mysterio and I was terribly upset and angry when Kane cashed his MITB in on him – Smackdown do deserve a pat on the back for bringing in new and different people to become the WHC Champ. Rather than passing it around the same group of people as RAW love to do ever so freaking much.

3. Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre vs. Christian, and Tiffany vs. Layla/Michelle McCool – hmm have I accidently watched an old Smackdown from weeks ago?! – Oh no, it’s just the same matches all over again. Not that I am necessary complaining as all the competitors can and do put on great matches – well, bar Kofi and Dolph.

4. When is Dos Cara Jr Alberto Del Rio finally going to debut? It feels like it has been a decade since all his vignettes started!

5. Big Show won’t be delivering any more of his pan-like chops any time soon due to the absolutely gross happenings at the end of the Luke Gallows/Big Show match. However, at least it wasn’t as disgusting as when HHH destroyed Big Show’s hand with his sledgehammer.

One quick note: Matt Striker or Todd Grisham said “we can’t see Big Show’s knuckles!” – to be honest have we ever actually been able to see Big Show’s knuckles?

6. The whole new different and disturbing side that we seen in Kofi at the end of his match against Dolph Ziggler was really surprising. But it has been a long time coming. Finally it seems as though the bland and boring Kofi Kingston that we have seen for years might be disappearing. Perhaps with this new side to the Intercontinental Champ I may grow to like him.

7. Team WWE? Oh yeah because half of the superstars in that group belong to Smackdown. They should theoretically be called Team RAW. It’s like The World Series in which only two counties take part – newsflash! USA and Canada don’t make up the entire world.

8. The Divas match was actually pretty good for once – Tiffany really surprised me with her superplex. However, watching this match made me realise how much both myself and the Divas division is missing Beth Phoenix.

9. The Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger No DQ main event was reminiscent of Extreme Lucha Libre ECW circa 1996. But unfortunately there was no hurricanrana of a car this time. However, the headscissors into the Gulf of Mexico was pretty darn awesome!  Jack Swagger obviously didn’t win any swimming competitions while he was growing up though.

10. Best match of the night: Christian and Drew McIntyre.
Worst match of the night: Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston (again.)
Most entertaining part of the night: The whole entire ending of the Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio match.

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