10 Thoughts on WWE Raw 08.02.2010 feat Orton vs Miz, Edge and Jericho Leave Team Cena,Wade Barrett in Action

Here we go again with 10 Thoughts on tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw. Unlike Raw these thoughts were not pre-taped last week, but are fresh from my fingers to my iPad straight to your screen. For more thoughts from me check out itswilltime.wordpress.com where I am currently discussing who, if anyone, should replace the departing members of Team Cena and the abysmal career downfall of Jeff Hardy. Now, on with the thoughts!

1. I like the dissension in Team Cena in the opening segment. It was more than just disliking John Cena that motivated it. Edge thought he could do it all on his own and the rest of the team doubted the leadership. This was actually stronger to me than everything they did to build dissension last week.

2. Wade Barrett looked good against Edge. I hope that he does not do the majority of the work for his team at Summerslam since he should be saved for some dominant moments. More than anyone else from NXT season one (including Bryan Danielson) he is a legitimate threat in the main event scene.

3. And the first member of the Summerslam Seven to leave is Edge, a man no on actually wanted to leave the match. I don’t believe that he actually ends up leaving the team, but I am curious enough to dedicate myself to tuning into Raw next week to see what Team Cena ends up looking like. For thoughts on who, if anyone, I believe should and will replace the departing Team Cena members check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

4. If I’m a part of The Nexus and we are having our weekly meeting at Starbucks (I’m assuming they have not leased an office yet), at no point in that meeting do I ever say, “We need to recruit Khali.” In fact if Michael Tarver suggested it I would pour my frappuccino all over his face (and weird bandana thing) and force him to buy me another.

5. Melina’s return was well done, but I have to ask what exactly one has to do to qualify for having the most dominant Diva’s Championship run in history? I mean, the belt has only been around for a few years and no one has really dominated it.

6. Sheamus’ possession of two finishers after only a year of competition impresses me. He can finish opponents with his big kick or with his “High Cross” Edge Powerbomb. There are not many men who were able to get two finishers over that quickly.

7. Hell of a match between Chris Jericho and John Cena. I know that these two have faced off many times, but I’m never disappointed. I liked how there seemed to be a story behind Jericho tapping out quickly, instead of him just giving up because he hurt too bad.

8. Remember when the announcers used to run away when The Nexus showed up? I miss that.

9. It makes sense to have The Miz cash in at Summerslam and win the championship since that is where he lives and it would be a huge moment. I do really hope that they have the briefcase in play for longer than a month though.

10. Randy Orton vs The Miz was a solid main event for the show. It makes sense to have The Miz put over Randy Orton, since the challenger for the championship needs to look strong and The Miz has a lot of time to get his credibility back. Orton is getting phenomenal reactions from the crowd right now and as much as I like Sheamus as champion, it might be time to pull the trigger on Orton.

That’s all for me this week kids! Make sure to check back here on Thursday for The People’s Column and continue to check itswilltime.wordpress.com for all of your wrestling discussion needs.

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