10 Thoughts Review for Green Lantern Corps #50 by Tony Bedard and Ardian Syaf

1. Bedard and Syaf go over how Cyborg Superman got into control of the Alpha Lanterns, while the heroes try desperately to stop him.

2. This is much better than the previous issue, with a lot about Cyborg Superman explained, as he was re-activated by Manhunters, sought Nekron for death, then, being ignored, traded in his Manhunter army for the secret to controlling Alpha Lanterns as a way to get Ganthet for some unknown gambit.

3. The art feels a bit house style, but there’s nothing wrong with it… there’s just nothing memorable.

4. Tying this in to Blackest Night is smart, not just for sales, but because Hank Henshaw has a logical reason to really be affected by a death related event.

5. The mystery man schtik is fast getting annoying. Just show us bad guys making a deal. Everything doesn’t have to be a mystery, especially since solicits tend to spoil it anyway.

6. Henshaw replacing his kryptonite heart with a lantern is really a cool idea. He has officially become more a Green Lantern enemy than a Superman one.

7. Kyle is really well-done here, flying all over the place, saving everyone as best he can, and willing to do anything to protect Soranik after what happened to his previous two girlfriends. Becoming a Samurai to cut an Alpha Lantern is a cool touch too.

8. John Stewart, however, remains a black hole that sucks away my interest in whatever he appears in.

9. Kyle’s plan of pushing Henshaw past his limits is a bit straightforward, but then Kyle’s no strategist.

10. Rating: 6.5/10 – Not the best book ever, but a good story with a well-motivated villain and properly outmatched heroes.

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