Bachelorette 2010 Spoilers: BREAKING NEWS – Who Does Ali REALLY Choose?! Last Minute Sources Reveal The True Winner!

At the last second, Reality Steve is reporting that all of his sources were wrong in saying that Ali is single and didn’t choose either Roberto or Chris. Now he knows what will happen later tonight, and here are all the real details:

The “shocking ending” that ABC is promoting is that Chris Lambton never makes it to the final rose ceremony. Ali tells Chris during their last chance date that Roberto is the one she’s in love with. She doesn’t want to hurt him by having him go through all of the rose ceremony stuff, so she eliminates him right then and there, and Chris is never part of the final rose ceremony. She basically just hopes that Roberto reciprocates her feelings. That’s the “risk” she is talking about.

Now ABC will then make it seem like Roberto is indecisive, he doesn’t know what to do, he’s not sure of his feelings for Ali, etc. However, in the end, Ali and Roberto leave Bora Bora an engaged couple and are still together right now.

So ROBERTO wins!


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