Psych – Episode 5-3 Review

This week’s episode was called Not Even Close…Encounters. I like to see the Psych writers get creative. We’ve had cases involving dinosaurs, mummies, and ghosts already, but this was our first one with aliens. Of course none of these myths ever turn out to be true, but sometimes they can actually make you believe for a little while the killer was actually something supernatural.

Flashback: 1990. Shawn, Gus, and their friend Dennis skip school to ask Henry about a UFO the police cleared out of a field. When Henry says it was just a weather balloon they accuse him of being part of the cover up. He chases them out of the station and tells Shawn there is no such thing as UFOs. It’s nice to see Shawn and Gus had other friends, even if they are as crazy as this Dennis.

Am I the only one who finds it hard to believe the media would say Shawn and Gus are crazy over saying aliens abducted someone? Do they just ignore everything else they do? I mean they’ve been running around Santa Barbara looking for buried pirate treasure, having public “psychic” attacks, and channeling cats. They even walked around town in disco garb for an entire episode yet the media has not questioned their sanity in the past.

If anyone’s sanity should be questioned it’s  Lassiter’s. The police department’s HEAD detective is shooting his neighbors squirrels and I gotta say looked way too excited hen he tasered Dennis. Police officers in the news get suspended for tasering unnecessarily, yet Lassiter does not even get a slap on his wrist. He should at least have to apologize to Dennis. Lassie if you want to make the world a little safer please go get some more therapy.

I was not let down by Freddie Prinze Jr.’s performance. After playing a special ops agent at CTU on 24 becoming a giant nerd is a big role change. And he nailed it. From the moment he led the boys into his secret nerd cave you could believe he was a nerd. Especially when he clobbered himself in the face with his numchucks. Although I find it hard to believe his wife would never suspect he was a nerd since he is after all in the software business, it was funny to see him try to cover it up. It was also pretty cute when she found out and shared his geekiness. Now next year they can ditch the football parties and go to comic con together.

So where was the pineapple? So far this season they have made the pineapple extremely difficult to find. I have not found it once on my first time watching the episode. If you watch the scene again where they enter the nerd cave the first time there is a very tiny pineapple on one of Dennis’ collectibles.

Coming up: Next week Shawn and Gus investigate a murder involving cougars, by which I mean the older ladies not the furry animal. I think an episode with the animals would be more interesting, but I hope I’m wrong.


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