Bachelorette 2010 Spoilers: How Did Ali and Roberto See Each Other After Getting Engaged and While the Show Was Airing

Some might be wondering how often the final engaged couple on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette get to see each other while the show is still airing and where they see each other. Obviously the producers don’t want them in public before the finale to ruin the ending. Well here are the details on Ali and Roberto seeing each other:

Ali and Roberto said last night that they saw each other every other weekend for about 4 or 5 days each time. Here’s how that happened

– Roberto is flown in from South Carolina, picked up at the airport by a handler, and driven to a “safe house”. Somewhere in the hills of LA. Same is done for Ali. Obviously, they don’t meet at the airport and go together because that would give it away.

– Once they get to the safe house, they can NEVER leave. For ANYTHING. All you can do is spend the whole weekend together, eat, watch TV, play board games, and as Ali said, come up with “silly handshakes”. And also have sex, of course.

– The only time you can go outside is in the backyard, where there is a pool.

– All food and stuff is brought to you by a handler. At no point, are you ever to step outside, even to go for a walk together. The pool in the backyard is the extent of your outside time, but I heard it’s very secluded and there’s no way people could see you unless they spied.

– Once the weekend is over, Ali is picked up by a separate car and leaves. Roberto is picked up by a separate and leaves, and they don’t see each other until it’s done again, where the process is repeated.

– They must have also flown Roberto in on a private plane, because someone would have had to notice him on a commercial flight from Charleston, South Carolina to LA.


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