Swamp Shark Trailer Brings Cajan Flavor to Shark Week

What’s scarier than a shark? How about a shark that’s someplace it shouldn’t be.

Sometime next year Kristy Swanson will attempt to return to public consciousness with a SyFy Channel original movie titled Swamp Shark. The film is exactly what you think it is based on the title. Swanson plays a Louisiana woman who becomes convinced there is a shark hunting the swamps and killing all her beloved gators. Being a SyFy movie, of course there is a shark — a swamp shark, that is.

Personally, I love the line of dialogue: “This isn’t a normal shark…it swims. It kills. And it’s out there!” Pure bliss for this lover of bad movies.

First we were given a Mega Shark, than a Dinoshark and soon we’ll have a Sharktopus and a Swamp Shark. I wonder what other variations of Selachimorpha the SyFy Channel can dream up next. Might I suggest a SpiderShark or perhaps they can cash in on the Twilight craze and go for a VampireShark. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

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